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Louisville Baseball By The Numbers

BY CHRIS HAAS Louisville beat Kennesaw State Saturday night for the second time in as many days to advance to a second straight College World Series. The Cards will face off against a familiar foe in Vanderbilt in the first round. Louisville and Vanderbilt have developed a heated rivalry over the years, as they seem […]

The Reds are Missing Edwin Encarnacion

BY CHRIS HAAS On August 1st 2009, The Reds were 45-57 and well on their way to their 9th straight losing season. Late summer is typically the time of year when teams destined for failure ship off veterans to teams in contention for prospects. Which is why many were dumbfounded when Reds General Manager, Walt […]

The World Cup Won’t Be the Same…

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER This is somewhat old news by now, but I’m just coming out of shock. Last week, Jurgen Klinsmann announced the final 23 men that will be traveling to Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Landon Donovon, the all-time leading scorer, was not one of them. Some people are calling for Klinsmann’s […]

Did The Reds Make The Check Out To The Wrong Guy?

BY CHRIS HAAS Johnny Cueto has been lights out through the first quarter of the MLB season. The Reds pitcher is leading the MLB in nearly every relevant statistic: ERA (1.25), WHIP (.71), Strikeouts (76), and Innings Pitched (72). Wins Above Replacement is an all-encompassing statistic that culminates all aspects of a player’s performance into […]

Christmas in Cleveland

BY CHRIS HAAS The NFL Draft is to football fans what Christmas morning is to a five-year old. It’s the climax after weeks and months of anticipation. You’ve made your Christmas list, you’ve done your due diligence, but when it comes down to it there’s no telling what you will find. The St. Louis Rams […]

The Reds Start to the Season is Misleading

BY CHRIS HAAS At a glance, the Reds 11-14 start to the 2014 MLB season appears to be a disappointment. After all, this is the same core that made the playoffs 3 out of 4 years and won 90 games just a year ago. The expectations around Reds Country are much higher than the .440 […]

Tiger Circus Coming to Town

BY CHRIS HAAS Tiger Woods watched the Masters on television for the first time since 1994. Woods was incapacitated for the PGA’s first major of the season because of a surgery to repair a herniated disc in his back. Yet even from a hospital bed, he found a way display his dominance of the sport […]

How Much Money is Shabazz Napier Worth to UConn?

  BY CHRIS HAAS Senior Connecticut guard Shabazz Napier became the face of 2014 NCAA Tournament after he carried his 7th seeded Huskies to their 4th championship. The confetti had barely landed before Shabazz gave his two-cents, because apparently any more would have bankrupted him, on the NCAA’s pay for play problem. He told reporters […]

Two and Done: Kentucky Two Wins from Title

  BY CHRIS HAAS The story had been all but written. The 2013-2014 Kentucky Wildcats season was going to be a knock against the one and done game. The young Wildcats had a disappointing regular season, even if that disappointment was inevitable. When perfection is expected, it’s impossible to exceed expectations. The Cats were far […]

Brotherly Love: What if UL and UK took on UNC and Duke?

BY CHRIS HAAS The birds are chirping, the Kentucky Derby Festival is on our doorstep, and the Kentucky Wildcats and Louisville Cardinals will face off in the Sweet Sixteen. Life is good in the Bluegrass state. Louisville and Kentucky’s Friday night collision will pack more drama than an episode of Real Housewives. While fans of […]