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Louisville Card File: Marquette

More than a few regular readers of these Cardinal basketball dissections of mine through the seasons have opined that I tend toward the negative. Guilty. In my defense, Jury of My Peers, I love the Cards and want them to play perfectly. But I gained some perspective yesterday before the game. Sitting in the Press […]

Ten Reasons To Stay Home Saturday

Chips? ✔ Dip? ✔ Crudités (Eat at least one little carrot and piece of cauliflower, so you can dupe yourself into thinking  you’re eating healthy.) ✔ Beverages chilled? ✔ Impellizzeri’s on speed dial? ✔ These, my fellow hoopaholics, are not supplies for Super Sunday. The avocados will have to wait another day before they become […]

Hump Day Hoops: Who’s Hot? Who’s Not?

The Vanderbilt Commodores were hot. They hit 17 threes against Ole Miss at home. And lost. On a three at the buzzer. Sometimes being really hot is . . . not so hot. * * * * * NC State was hot. The Wolfpack beat previously unbeaten Duke over the weekend. Tonight they lost at […]

Monday Morning QB: Hoops & Pigskin (w/ Special Guest Appearances)

I daresay I’m not the only one who woke up this chilly morning and wondered to myself, “Where is Ron Cooper now?” Tell me true, you know you really want to know. Thanks to eagle-eyed reader Doc, I can confirm that the former U of L head coach is now Assistant Head Coach/ Secondary Coach […]

Louisville Card File: Seton Hall

Edited 1/10 at 9:45 am (Thanks to a reminder in a Facebook post by a loyal reader.) If nothing else, U of L survived it’s first test this season with Jim Burr in stripes, holding one of the whistles. Which he used as injudiciously as usual. Especially on Wayne Blackshear’s third foul. The Cardinal SF […]

Seedy K Sounds Off On Sports Tuesday

I’m not sure we learned much about the current state of college football from the most boring bowl season in memory. Other than Clemson’s single digit W in the battle of the Death Valleys, the Hook Em Horns late comeback against the Beavers, The Potato Eaters Vegas W over UDub and Arizona’s nailbiter over Nevada, […]

New Year’s Day Noogies (And a little Nougat too)

Noogie. To the Courier-Journal sports page editors. Perhaps I shouldn’t be quite so unrelenting while continually pointing out the foibles and follies of the C-J’s sports page, which has become an almost daily example of bad editing. After all, I make a lot of editing mistakes myself, not to mention errors of grammar and spelling. […]

Louisville Card File: Kentucky

A couple of important notes before I hit the details. I understand that Gorgui Dieng’s parents are not familiar with our ways in the Commonwealth. They don’t even speak English. Plus it’s hard to even comprehend the culture shock they must have felt in yesterday’s Yum! Center environment. Strangers in a strange land, they were. […]

Seedy K Sounds Off, Friday Edition: Hoops Hijinx & Pigskin Punditry

Yes, it’s 32 hours until tipoff and I’m so sure you’re waiting with baited breath for my position by position breakdown of tomorrow’s game. You know, Kentucky vs. Louisville? Here’s the deal. I’m doing my best to try not to think about it. By any measure, this would seem to be the Cardinals year to […]

Louisville Card File: Memphis State

Were I a Memphis State fan — Praise be to Ah Puch a/k/a Yum Kimil, the Mayan God of Death that I’m not — I am so very sure I would be upset at U of L’s +24 yesterday at the free throw line. What I would point out however to those fans in blue, […]