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Prime Time: Who is Ready? Who is Not?

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Not ready. The guy rallied from two sets down to beat Roger Federer in Wimbledon’s quarter finals. (It was RF’s first such meltdown ever in a Grand Slam tourney.) Tsonga appeared ready in the semis against World Numero Uno Novak Djokovic. The Frenchman broke Djokovic in the match’s first game. A love game […]

Stocking Stuffers: Candy, Coal and Curios(ities)

I know, Christmas was so yesterday. But, hey, better late than never. Blame it on the, uh, blizzard . . . yeah, that’s it . . . blame it on the blizzard up northeast. Candy. For both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. These guys have arguably the most intense one on one, man to man […]

Report Card Tuesday: Bledsoe, Kanter, Pearl, NCAA Flunk; Dieng Incomplete

The Birmingham paper is reporting an apparent discrepancy in Eric Bledsoe’s Algebra grades. Imagine our surprise. Seems he got an A, which made him barely eligible to play last season at UK. But his average scores indicate he should have only received a C. Which would have made him ineligible. Hmmmm. Guess that villain Pete […]

Blazer’s 2d Thoughts, Shanahan’s Stupidity, Lion’s Lame Loss & More: Sunday Snippets

Thanks to the USA’s stunning dominance in the World B-Ball Championships, the world and maybe even the clerks at the NBA store on 5th Ave in NYC now know who is really the best player in the game. LeBron? Tsk, tsk. A poseur. Kobe? Legit choice, but yesterday’s email. Kevin Durant, come on down. The […]

Sports on the 4th: Ws & ?s

✔ Rafael Nadal cruised in the Wimbledon final over some guy we’ve never heard of, the day after Serena added to her Grand Slam total. Which leaves me wondering if Roger Federer has any more Slam Ws in him? And when there’s going to again be an American who is a legit male tennis star? […]

Waking Up Wednesday Wondering . . .

. . . If the U.S. of A. can git ‘er done this morning against Algeria and advance to the Knockdown Round of 16 in the World Cup? . . . If there’s really a cult of Rosenblatt (Stadium), or if that’s just ESPN hype to increase interest in the College World Series? . . […]

Meanwhile Back At The Ballyard . . . But First: Breaking News on Coach Cal

BREAKING! NEWS! RE: COACH! CAL! & LEBRON!!!!!!!!!! There’s an article in the Chicago Tribune that says World Wide Wes (William Wesley) has contacted several pro franchises with coaching vacancies and salary cap room, trying to broker a package deal including “King” LeBron and John Calipari. The story states an NBA league source confirmed that an […]

Frightful Friday (in Cleveland) + Bonus Barbs

Buh Bye LeBron. Sometime late in last night’s Celtics series clincher, LeBron James, in a futile attempt to salvage the Cavs season, showed some will to win and drove like a diesel to the bucket. What came to mind were these lyrics. Cue Skynard. Wont you give me three steps/ Gimme three steps mister/ Gimme […]

Monday Snowflakes: UK’s Magic Number, NFL Stupidity & A Place to go for Sun

Kentucky is an unblemished 19 games into the Big Blue Nation’s Winter of Content. But, in this era of if a little is good, more must be better, the Cats in the last week of January are less than halfway to their goal. If UK makes it to the final Monday night of the season, […]

NASCAR Buschwack, Roger get Dodgier & That MidWeek Spread Grows

Isn’t the Object to Win the Races? I stake no claim to any expertise when it comes to car racing, be it stock or whatever. (I did just buy a Subaru WRX, and all of a sudden lead-footed teenagers are eying me at stoplights, but that’s the extent of my racing knowledge.) But, riddle me […]