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Stop messing with us, Texas

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER There have been countless references to George Strait’s song “All My Ex’s Live in Texas,” when it comes to U of L sports lately, and rightfully so. Teddy Bridgewater is likely to get drafted by the Houston Texans in the 2014 NFL Draft. Former basketball player Chane Behanan is now at a […]

Charlie Strong Meets the Press

There were any number of fascinating nuggets to be taken away from Louisville football coach Charlie Strong’s presser on the eve of preseason practice. One stood out to this scribe. It wasn’t that neither Strong nor the Cards’ first legit Heisman candidate ever are on the cover of the media guide. Or any players for […]

Sports Shorts Tuesday: T-Will, Titles & T-Bone

Branding is one thing. Brandishing, another altogether. Rick Pitino has used the former, advertising terminology, regarding his mission at U of L. As in “rebranding the program.” I hate such talk, but know what he means. Brandishing is what former Cardinal baller Terrence Williams has been charged with. As in waving a gun about in […]

“Pour It On Sugar Strong”: Last Musings on the Sugar Bowl

For holiday gifts, my bride gave everybody in our Cardinal game watching gang t-shirts with a logo: “Pour It On Sugar Strong.” Of course, we all forgot to wear them come game time. As we know, the Cards terminated Florida’s Gators with extreme prejudice anyway. (It’s an “Apocalypse Now” reference. Ask a film buff.) Today […]

Hump Day Harrumphs: Petrino Redux, New Fave Unis, Messi & More

Okay, I’ve looked in my heart and consulted the rational me. I now realize that Western Kentucky didn’t make that egregious a mistake when it hired Bobby Petrino. Actually, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense . . . given the circumstances. What I’d somehow forgotten when I kneejerked my negative […]

Charlie Strong is the Man We Want Him To Be

Charlie Strong is a Man in Full. Charlie Strong is a man who needn’t look in the mirror, and ask “Who is the fairest of them all?” That wasn’t the reflection that Charlie Strong needed nor sought when faced with the question that, sooner or later, we all must ask. When Charlie Strong had to […]

Charlie Strong’s Drummer

His receivers would be so open so often in the flat, 18 yards downfield, no defenders ever within a lunge, we’d exclaim, “How does he get those guys so open time after time?” Like Bobby Petrino, that’s the Charlie Strong we want. With a lead of less than a score, a BCS playoff spot on […]

Monday Morning QB: Cards, Cats, Bowls, Strong . . .

I feel compelled to offer some perspective for the phalanx of doofusses who, in the U of L chatrooms last night, were bemoaning that the Cards will be playing in the Sugar Bowl instead of the Orange. Perspective, gentlemen. (And I use the word “gentlemen” in its broadest possible context.) Oh to suffer New Year’s […]

Sunday Morning QB: Strong Rumors Rampant +

Frankly I found it odd that U of L’s football team and Coach Charlie Strong weren’t paraded onto the court at one of the many timeouts yesterday at the Yum! during the Illinois State basketball game. Actually, disconcerting is a more apt descriptor. The rumor du jour is that Strong interviewed for the Tennessee job. […]

Louisville Card File: Rutgers

We’ll get to the player of the game in a moment. Need I say his name? Uh, I didn’t think so. But I want to start with James Burgess, Calvin Pryor and Official Statistician, Piscataway SubStation. At 9:13 of the 1st Quarter, Rutgers scored on its first offensive play of the game. An 85 yard […]