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Sports World Sound Off: Thursday Edition

Because TWill always craved attention first and foremost, I’ll allow him to grab the spotlight this morning. In his first regular season appearance of the year — he’s got a 10 day contract with the Celtics — he played 13 minutes against the Lakers last night, scoring a deuce, grabbing 2 rebounds and committing 2 […]

Monday Morning QB: Brotherhood Day

Let me be the first to make a year end prediction. Yes, I’m looking ahead 11 and 1/2 months. Hey, I got the blog. I got the keyboard. I’ll do what I wanna. My prognostication: If Indiana wins the NCAA basketball tournament, mentored by the brother-in-law of you know who and you know who, the […]

Sunday Sound Off: The Full Manti & Much More

Here’s some perspective, Louisville Cardinal faithful, on yesterday’s home L to Syracuse. Fourteen teams in the Top 25 lost last week. And that doesn’t include not-in-Top-25 Wisconsin, who gave a Top 10 performance in Bloomington before going Bottom 150 in a loss to Iowa. It’s conference play time. So much fun it is. * * […]

Humpday Huzzahs & Harrumphs: Holiday Edition

A recurring theme here during basketball season has been my continuing appreciation for the quality of Hoosier high school coaching. Just seems to me that most kids who have played prep hoops in Indiana and make it on to play in college know what they’re doing. I was reminded of this at the end of […]

Hump Day Harrumphs: Petrino Redux, New Fave Unis, Messi & More

Okay, I’ve looked in my heart and consulted the rational me. I now realize that Western Kentucky didn’t make that egregious a mistake when it hired Bobby Petrino. Actually, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense . . . given the circumstances. What I’d somehow forgotten when I kneejerked my negative […]

Hump Day Harrumphs

On Sunday, in my breakdown of Louisville’s glad to get outtahere W over North Carolina, I forgot to rail against a truly inexplicable coaching gaffe emanating from the Cardinal sideline. (I know it’s late. I know it’s been talked about. I know we’re already looking ahead, trying to figure out how to enjoy the upcoming […]

Tuesday’s Tidbits: A Little This & Some of That

During the couple of ends-with-a-whimper-not-with-a-bang Cardinal hoops seasons, the two before last year’s surprising Final Four visit, there was a running joke among my friends. With Charlie Strong at the helm, U of L had once again become “a football school.”Or, so we’d joke after a disappointing hoops L. We knew — and still know […]

Thursday’s Hot Sports in the Summertime

Well, I’ll be honest here. I’ve been blindsided by the commencement of Olympic competition . . . without my requisite cache of beverages, chips, dips and DiGiorno in the freezer or Delivery on speed dial or both. Woe is me. Soccer has started. Yesterday, the US Women Soccer team bested France after a slow beginning. […]

Monday Musings: Devils, On the Diamond, In Group D & Mo’

Let’s start with a shout out to my Detroit Tigers. They played three one-run games against the Reds this weekend in Cincy, winning two. Last night they came back big in the top of the 8th with an improbable shellacking of Aroldis Chapman. Hopefully it will provide impetus for a rejuvenation. Detroit’s been falling in […]

Big Choke Saturday

There were more gag jobs than usual yesterday in the world of sports. Being a schadenfreude kind o’ guy, I’m here to rank them for you. Special mention first goes to¬† . . . Seedy K. That would be me. I’m the guy, who in the aftermath of the Kentucky Derby called I’ll Have Another […]