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Destination: Major League Soccer

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER The soccer world has been buzzing with the recent news that Michael Bradley, one of the best players on the U.S. men’s national team, has left his prestigious Italian team, Roma, to join Toronto FC, the third-worst team in Major League Soccer.  Fellow American stars Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey have also […]

Getting past the “Group of Death”

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER Ever since the groups for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil were drawn on Dec. 6, American soccer fans have let out a collective sob about being placed in Group G, which has been dubbed a “group of death.” Along with USA, Group G consists of Portugal, who have one of the […]

Sunday’s Sports Shorts: Football, Basketball, Refs +

For Once, Coach Cal Whiffs. By all accounts, Emmanuel Mudiay was a lock to be Kentucky’s next superduper PG in the season after the one upcoming. This year it will be the Harrison twins, should they become eligible, filling that role. Then, after they’ll surely move on to play for pay, Mudiay was The Annointed. […]

MMQB: My Man Miggey & Much More

I wanna party like it’s 1909. Which, if my research is correct, is when the Pirates and Tigers last met in the World Series. Which, if my research is correct, was the only time Detroit and Pittsburgh met in the World Series. Which, if my research is correct, means I don’t really want to party […]

Sunday’s Sports Shorts: Are You Ready For Some . . .

Uh, before we get to what is really America’s favorite sport, a quick mention of the National Pastime. Atlanta has won 9 of its last 10. The Braves have surged to a commanding 11 1/2 advantage in the NL East over Washington’s “We’re the ’27 Yankees” Nationals. Meanwhile, in the AL Central, my Detroit Tigers […]

Hernandez & Other Hump Day Harrumphs

 I had lunch today with my usual Wednesday noon compadres, this week at recently opened Sidebar, where the burgers as advertised are pretty damn good. There’s the usual array of casual food at a place right by the arena, with flatscreens all about, most tuned to sports channels. (Though one this noon was at the […]

Friday: LBJ in the NBA, IU & UofL in the CWS

Looking at the big picture, meaning in overview the entire series with its interesting stories and sidelights, the NBA Finals remain compelling. In microcosm, not so much. Only the first game, the one where San Antonio “stole” a W in Miami — That’s the mandated vernacular, right? — was close. Since then, the teams have […]

Sunday Sports Shorts: Hoops, Pucks, Prodigal Sons & Daughters +

Just when I’ve gotten past my Hansbrough enmity — Thanks BirdMan Anderson — just when I’m ready to embrace a team with a Not Ready For Prime Time enfant terrible nicknamed “Born Ready,” just when I’m glorying in the reality that 2/3s of the Miami triumvirate are self destructing before my eyes, Roy Hibbert’s gotta […]

Sports Shorts Tuesday: T-Will, Titles & T-Bone

Branding is one thing. Brandishing, another altogether. Rick Pitino has used the former, advertising terminology, regarding his mission at U of L. As in “rebranding the program.” I hate such talk, but know what he means. Brandishing is what former Cardinal baller Terrence Williams has been charged with. As in waving a gun about in […]

Out To Lunch: Last Sports Thoughts Before JazzFest

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I haven’t been showing up here much for the last little bit. Let’s just say I’ve been savoring that sublime national championship and leave it at that. And, this is a last report before I head down on my annual pilgrimage to New Orleans JazzFest. I shall be blogging pretty […]