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SMQB: There Have Been More Joyous Saturdays

Schnell on the Schneid. The appropriate word here is easy: Bittersweet. Schnell opened his new stadium at Florida Atlantic, a program he’s built from scratch. The inagural game’s foe was on the rise but still relatively hapless Western Kentucky. I wrote earlier in the week that it would be a bowl game for the Fighting […]

MMQB: Show Me, Mizzou & Other Lesser Important Stuff

Show Me, Missouri. All eyes, at least those of the college sports world, are looking toward Columbia, Missouri. Is the domino teetering, ready to fall in a southeasterly direction? Or, are they shoring up their midwestern foundation? I know Cardinal fans have out their binoculars, hoping for a better view. So too, West Virginia Mountaineer […]

SMQB: Kentuckiana anxiously awaits Hoopsylvanian Friday

Lost Weekend. Kentucky garnered 96 yards of total offense and played no defense in a 3-54 loss to South Carolina. In one quarter — the 3d, I believe — Louisville had more penalty yards than offensive yards. Forget the numbers, the Cardinals had four legit chances to tally in the first half and came up […]

Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Picks: Week V

Any moment now I’m expecting a decision from a Panel of Experts. They are deciding whether I can tally my prognostication of Toledo over Syracuse as a W or not? The Rockets were screwed. So, too, we who were prescient enough to pick the Big East abdicators to fall at home. Wait a second, here’s […]

Seedy K’s Pithy Picks, Week IV

Revised and corrected 9/21 at 5:05 So abiding is my dislike for F-Bomb Kelly, that wishful thinking had me pick Michigan State to beat the Fighting Irish last week under the Golden Dome. Sigh. It did not come to pass. And, yes, I must own up. It’s true, it’s true. After stupidly picking UCLA to […]

The More Leagues Change, The More They Stay The Same

Project globally. Emote locally. Some U of L fans have dreamed of a day when they’d be tripping to Tuscaloosa and Gainesville for college football weekends. Playing the Cats home and away in hoops every year. A friend in Georgia has twice emailed, assuring me Louisville to the SEC is a “done deal.” Some U […]

Daily Dispatch (9/08): Baylor Balks, Money Talks, F-Bomb Still Fused

It’s All MoneyBall. Desperate to remain relevant, Baylor goes Corso, telling the Aggies, “Hold on just a moment, my friend.” A & M goes SEC. Hook ‘Em Horns and Boomer Sooners go PAC Double Dozen or SEC or Big 10(20) or wherever they pretty damn well please. Rock Chalk Jayhawk, K-State and Mizzou go BEast. […]

Daily Briefing: Friday 8/26 (Sports Surprises)

Item #2 updated 12:15 pm, 8/26. Item #2 updated again at 6:40 pm, 8/26. Apparently Kevin Ware, U of L’s Next Great Point Guard, isn’t going to be academically eligible until, at the very least, the second semester. Imagine our surprise. * * * * * Looks like Jordan Jefferson, who was out hours after […]

Aggies to SEC, Later Not Sooner & Other Conference Nonsense

I’m advised by a reliable source with inside information — He spoke with someone who was in the room during the meeting yesterday of SEC presidents — that Texas A & M to the conference is simply on hold, not totally rejected. Apparently the prexys want to make sure the Aggies have all their ducks […]

Aggies Left at Altar, Dufner turns Fluffner: MMQB 08/15

I suppose in this day of incessant bloggery — Guilty, Your Honor — it’s hard for any public entity to keep a secret. Still, you’d think Texas A & M would have been a little more evasive about their plans to begin to try to jump into the SEC’s arms. The school obviously pissed off […]