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Weekend Sports Favorites, Midday Sunday Edition

Favorite Quote of the Weekend. During the U of L Red/White Scrimmage II yesterday, they announced yet another of the plethora of Rick Pitino book signings during one of the timeouts. Sitting next to me, Howie Lindsay of Louisville Sports Report, or whatever it’s called these days, deadpanned, “Pitino’s got a new book out? Who […]

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week I

There are those who have self-righteously suggested that picking the winners of athletic competitions without factoring in the point spreads is too easy. To which I say: Feh!!!! I do it for the love of the game, the spirit of win one of the old alma mammy, pass me the mustard for my brat, Go […]

New Year’s Day Noogies (And a little Nougat too)

Noogie. To the Courier-Journal sports page editors. Perhaps I shouldn’t be quite so unrelenting while continually pointing out the foibles and follies of the C-J’s sports page, which has become an almost daily example of bad editing. After all, I make a lot of editing mistakes myself, not to mention errors of grammar and spelling. […]

Sunday Morning QB: Strong Rumors Rampant +

Frankly I found it odd that U of L’s football team and Coach Charlie Strong weren’t paraded onto the court at one of the many timeouts yesterday at the Yum! during the Illinois State basketball game. Actually, disconcerting is a more apt descriptor. The rumor du jour is that Strong interviewed for the Tennessee job. […]

Monday Morning QB: A Lot of This, A Little of That

So, yesterday I couldn’t help but think of the somewhat famous Tennessee Williams’ quip: “There are but three cities in the United States. New Orleans, New York and San Francisco. All the rest is Cleveland.” Thinking of New York because of the justified hullabaloo about Hurricane Sandy and all the mess going on in the […]

Sunday Morning QB: Let the Separation Begin

Before I consider which schools are on the uptick, and which ones are starting to play freshmen, there’s one burning question that must be answered vis a vis University of Kentucky football. How do the Wildcats ever expect to be relevant in the world’s most powerful football league, when they allow a 4th string QB […]

Thursday Thrashings: Cats, Cards, Hotspur & Other Stuff

State of the Cardinals. It is comforting to know that I’m not the only Louisville Cardinal fan thinking big picture after the Tuesday thrashing at Providence. More than a few U of L faithful have also gone apocalyptic. Another commitment kept me from the women’s scintillating comeback W last night over South Florida. I am […]

Sunday Morning QB: Cats Roar(k), Cards in Limbo, PAC 12 Punked

There is no more heartwarming pigskin story in these parts this autumn than that of instant UK football legend Matt Roark. Anybody who ever played sports at any time in his/ her life, who toiled at right guard but longed to be the QB, or donned the tools of ignorance but longed to be the […]

MMQB/PG: Cards, Cats, Cowboys & Much Much Mo’

Cardinal fans, here’s a question to ponder. Which U of L team will be the next to win a national championship? Men’s soccer is a good bet. It came oh so very close last year, but took a little step back this season. That said, Ken Lolla’s boys are still alive in the post-season after […]

Waiting for Wayne’s World & Other Tuesday Considerations

Just the Same as it Ever Was. Am I the only Louisville basketball fan who is tired, tired, tired of the annual roster soap opera? Injuries. Qualification issues. And, in the case of Wayne Blackshear, one of the Cards’ two Golden Arches All-American recruits, both. We’ve known for awhile that he has a shoulder injury […]