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Schnell Gets New Hip Today, To Retire . . . After Season

College Pigskin’s Poet Laureate, Howard Schnellenberger, announced yesterday that this coming season will be his last roaming the sidelines at Florida Atlantic. Unlike many in his profession, Schnellenberger is not being dragged kicking and screaming into retirement. “This was done so we can make it as seamless as we can make it. Do it in […]

SchnellSpeak 08/11: Angels, Halos and Beverlee’s Benz

Addressing the press after FAU’s first practice, the Pigskin Poet Laureate was still waxing on about the nighttime unveiling of the Fighting Owls new 30,000 seat home. “In my thinking [the stadium] has always been majestic, but [that night] it had an angelic look to it. It had its halo on.” As for his players […]

SchnellSpeak 08/06: Howard now has 2 Stadia on his Resumé

I have been known to give Howard Schnellenberger shit in this blog. Oh really? And to pass along his malapropisms in the guise of entertaining sports bloggery. Hopefully, you understand it’s all in fun. But the man deserves his props. So, along with today’s bon mots, a tip of the hat to a guy who […]

Junction Boys Live: SchnellReport 08/03

In case you think The Pipe has mellowed in his dotage, check out Coach Howard Schnellenberger’s pre-season practice schedule. Don’t know what you’ll be doing on August 11, 14, 16  and 18, but I do know what the Florida Atlantic Owls will. Those are The Schnell’s scheduled three-a-days. His squad will take the field from […]

SchnellSpeak: 07/25/11

Howard Schnellenberger’s Florida Atlantic Fighting Owls have gone 9-15 the last two seasons. FAU is picked to finish last this coming season in the Sun Belt. The Schnell is 77 years old. But, he’s coming back. At least for the final season of his contract. Will he take his leave after that? “The time will […]

Petrino Punctuates, Simms Soars, Theory Thwarted: Pigskin Punditry

So Bobby “It’s All His Fault” Petrino starts out today’s big game against #1 Alabama — he coaches at Arkansas now, you know — with two pass plays oh so familiar to Louisville fans. The first: 31 yards and first down. The second: touchdown. 7 zip. The Louisville Petrino Era is all over now, but […]

Wannstedt Whiffs, Kiffin A Happy Haole, Blue Raiders True To Color: Opening Night Observations

Sometime early in Pitt’s sure thing loss to Utah, my pal Dave reminded me that Panther QB Tino Sunseri was once a future U of L Cardinal. Which became a burr in my slippers as he lead Pitt back from the dying to tie the game late and send it into overtime. Which irritation was […]

Strong’s Smarts, Holmgren’s Blunder & Other Tuesday Tidbits

One of Charlie Strong’s most engaging character traits is that he doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Except as it directly impacts his team’s play on the field. Asked at the media day press conference if there would be a change in uniforms, the coach looked at the questioner somewhat incredulously and said, in essence, I […]

Tailgate Tattle: Six Days to Kickoff

Why There Will Be A College Football Playoff. Frankly it no longer matters what Nick Saban thinks, or Jim Delaney thinks, or any of the many BCS apologists think, there will be college football playoff within a decade. Probably sooner. The reason: ESPN. It’s that simple. This year, there will be 35 bowl games, starting […]

Coach Quote is Ready!! SchnellSpeak: 08/29/10

Frankly I’m expecting big things from The Schnell this season. His verbosity is already in mid-season form, and opening kickoff of FAU vs. UAB is still days away. Meteorologist Schnell on practicing yesterday, and how it should help this coming weekend: “Twelve a’ clock on a Saturday afternoon is a pretty hot time of the […]