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Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Picks: Week XI

Never have I been so pleased with a 2-3 weekend (31-19 on the season). I picked Bama, but am oh so glad that Nick Saban went down. I picked Ole Miss, but am oh so glad the Cats won. (I have no thoughts one way or the other on Houston Nutt’s “resignation,” except to say […]

Big 12 Smackdown: The McConnell/ Boren Transcript

Two days ago it was widely reported that West Virginia would become a member of the Big 12, replacing Missouri, which is reported to be leaving for the SEC. Yesterday it was widely reported that West Virginia’s membership was not a done deal, and that the selection process was on hold until Missouri confirmed its […]

SMQB: There Have Been More Joyous Saturdays

Schnell on the Schneid. The appropriate word here is easy: Bittersweet. Schnell opened his new stadium at Florida Atlantic, a program he’s built from scratch. The inagural game’s foe was on the rise but still relatively hapless Western Kentucky. I wrote earlier in the week that it would be a bowl game for the Fighting […]

SchnellSpeak (9/27/11)

The Schnell and his troops may be shellacked, but he hasn’t surrendered. He led his Florida Atlantic Fighting Owls to slaughter, in the name of mo’ money. Their first three games were at Florida, at Michigan State and at Auburn. O’er the ramparts Schnell (with a healing hip) watched the rocket’s red glare, bombs bursting […]

Searching for Son of Schnell

As we all know the Greatest Quote in College Pigskin is retiring after this season. My search is on for replacement candidates. Here are the first two contestants Coach Green, come on down. Now, for contestant #2. Coach Bennett, come on down. If there any more contenders out there, please let Seedy K know? – […]

SchnellSpeak: 09/09/11

College Pigskin’s Poet Laureate did not have a good weekend. First, his new hip started cramping in the team bus, causing a detour to the hospital. He ended up watching his charges from the press box, a first for The Pipe. How did he feel about that? “I don’t like it at all and I’m […]

MMQB: F-Bombs & Sartorial KnightMares

College Football Saturday’s Biggest Loser: Got to be Mark Richt, the already beleaguered Georgia coach, whose Bulldogs not only fell to Boise State, but showed up in unis so outrĂ©, my Oregon Quack looked positively Penn State on the other channel. UGAly is the descriptor that immediately comes to mind. I’m so sure there were […]

SchnellSpeak: 9/03/11

The hippest coach in America stopped in for a quick check up on the way to today’s game. The Schnell had a new hip put in right as fall practice started. Apparently he was in some discomfort yesterday, so he made a pit stop at hospital before the bus with team and coaches took off […]

SchnellSpeak: 9/01/11

Knowing The Schnell’s syntactical proclivities, I trust he’ll use the word “daunting” to describe his Fighting Owls’ task this Saturday when Florida Atlantic ventures across the state to play Florida’s Gators. And that’s only the opening salvo. Here’s on thing I know he’s said so far. Schnell the Pragmitist: “If our two programs were closer […]

SchnellSpeak: 08/23/11

The Schnell never owned up as to exactly what type of surgery, if any, he had on his hip. But he’s hobbling around the FAU practice grounds, grousing back into syntactical shape for the upcoming season. Schnell the Provocateur was brief and full of pith when commenting on his defense after they picked off four […]