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Thursday’s Balls: Base-, Basket- & Foot-

L’shana tovah! That is the traditional, transliterated greeting for today, Rosh Hashonah, the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days, the beginning of a new year. Ten Days hence will be Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. It can’t come soon enough for the Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox. Lots of guys on those […]

Aggies Left at Altar, Dufner turns Fluffner: MMQB 08/15

I suppose in this day of incessant bloggery — Guilty, Your Honor — it’s hard for any public entity to keep a secret. Still, you’d think Texas A & M would have been a little more evasive about their plans to begin to try to jump into the SEC’s arms. The school obviously pissed off […]

Post Mortem Monday: Megan, Darren

Revised 7/19. 6:58 am. The Claret is Darren’s. Good for Darren Clarke. We love when one of these old farts, a guy who has always been on the verge, but no higher, succeeds. Don’t we? He stayed steady. Dustin Johnson gagged. Phil Mickelson did, well, a Phil Mickelson. But, oh my, did Lefty toy with […]

Ware’s The Scholly, The Vest Divestiture & Summer’s Heat

Take that Brandon Bender. U of L’s Cardinals have fought back to a draw with former part time b-baller Brandon Bender. By all accounts the woefully underachieving former Ballard Bruin steered Seneca QB DaMarcus Smith to Central Florida. Apparently, much to Smith’s chagrin, after he learned that Bender was just woofin’, and that CF’s star […]

Derby So Yesterday, Looking Ahead to Hoops

Now that your obsession with Derby, and my obsession with JazzFest, are done for the year, let’s look ahead to what really matters. Stanley Cup? Well, for a few us here, but not many. MLB? Check with Rick Bozich on that. He’s locked in, even though his ChiSox suck. College Football? Sure, Charlie Strong has […]

I’m Baaaaaaaack, And Ready To Shake ‘Em On Down

Back from New Orleans, from which locale I did not report on the PGA tourney there during the first weekend of JazzFest. You could care less. I could care less. Though, since many of the golfers stayed at the same hotel where I was, I can confirm this: Their wives were all attractive. And most […]

Tiger Tanks, Davis Disses Digger, Badgers Bash Buckeys, & Cats Pause . . . Again: SMPG

Welcome to Sunday Morning Point Guard! * * * * * For those of you anxiously awaiting with breaths held, The Return of Tiger, knowing in your hearts it will bring peace to the Middle East, compromise in D.C. between the Tea Partiers and pols who actually know what they’re talking about and a cure […]

Louisville Card File: Syracuse

Chatting up Mike Waters of Syracuse Post-Standard before the game, the Orange beat scribe called Boeheim’s team “schizzy.” I’ll say. Early on, the visitors took the lead with a 6-0 run. Then gave it up as U of L tallied 10 in a row. Which Cardinal jaunt extended to 21-4 for a 40-30 halftime advantage. […]

Live From Football Complex: National Signing Day

2:40 pm. Having watched the U of L women’s team meltdown last night at the Yum!, I’m aware just how different their crowd is from those who watch the men’s team. Neither of which is the same as those who attend pigskin battles at Papa J’s. The most unique contingent will probably be the gathering […]

Pitino Goes Mini-Cal, Siva’s Not Sosa, Recruiting Shtick, Tiger’s Peeved & Mo’: Thursday’s Tit-For-Tat

All Glare, No Froth. Several readers have already inquired this a.m. if I know at whom The Rick was looking daggers squared after the final buzzer last night, while the rest of the gym was suitably celebratory? I didn’t see it. But, my guess, from hearing the post game comments, is that George Goode was […]