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Louisville’s A College Sports Town: Latest Evidence

Two words. One name. Michael Dyer. If the name sounds vaguely familiar, but you’re having trouble placing it, you obviously are less obsessed than many local sports fans. As we are wont to say these days, rumors of Dyer’s possible matriculation at the University of Louisville have gone viral. All the web sites, all the […]

Monday Morning QB: Techsters, Pacers, Bowlers & More

There is something so . . . well . . . fresh, I guess would be the descriptor, about locking into college baseball’s post-season. At least, for me. I spent seven years matriculating on the Belknap Campus, and, though a huge sports fan, never once sauntered over to Parkway Field for a Cardinal baseball game. […]

Sports Shorts Tuesday: T-Will, Titles & T-Bone

Branding is one thing. Brandishing, another altogether. Rick Pitino has used the former, advertising terminology, regarding his mission at U of L. As in “rebranding the program.” I hate such talk, but know what he means. Brandishing is what former Cardinal baller Terrence Williams has been charged with. As in waving a gun about in […]

Tuesday Tidbits: Irish, Angel & The Rick on Gun Control

Notre Dame is headed to the ACC. In all sports except football. Of course. Because the Fighting Irish, for some unfathomable reason, remain a singular, untouchable presence that is hard to imagine even in an out of kilter sport like college pigskin. The move will come sooner or later, depending on variables including moves by […]

Sunday Morning QB: Strong Rumors Rampant +

Frankly I found it odd that U of L’s football team and Coach Charlie Strong weren’t paraded onto the court at one of the many timeouts yesterday at the Yum! during the Illinois State basketball game. Actually, disconcerting is a more apt descriptor. The rumor du jour is that Strong interviewed for the Tennessee job. […]

Monday Morning QB: A Lot of This, A Little of That

So, yesterday I couldn’t help but think of the somewhat famous Tennessee Williams’ quip: “There are but three cities in the United States. New Orleans, New York and San Francisco. All the rest is Cleveland.” Thinking of New York because of the justified hullabaloo about Hurricane Sandy and all the mess going on in the […]

Tuesday Tidbits: Tsouris On Tobacco Road +

Okay for those of you not fluent in Yiddish, the definition: Tsouris translates as trouble, distress, heartburn from the outcome of a stressful situation.  It’s a feeling to be avoided at all costs. Well, it’s what those hallowed Tobacco Road superschools are feeling these days. At least that’s what right minded observers of the sports […]

MMQB/PG: Cards, Cats, Cowboys & Much Much Mo’

Cardinal fans, here’s a question to ponder. Which U of L team will be the next to win a national championship? Men’s soccer is a good bet. It came oh so very close last year, but took a little step back this season. That said, Ken Lolla’s boys are still alive in the post-season after […]

Big 12 Smackdown: The McConnell/ Boren Transcript

Two days ago it was widely reported that West Virginia would become a member of the Big 12, replacing Missouri, which is reported to be leaving for the SEC. Yesterday it was widely reported that West Virginia’s membership was not a done deal, and that the selection process was on hold until Missouri confirmed its […]

SMQB: Kentuckiana anxiously awaits Hoopsylvanian Friday

Lost Weekend. Kentucky garnered 96 yards of total offense and played no defense in a 3-54 loss to South Carolina. In one quarter — the 3d, I believe — Louisville had more penalty yards than offensive yards. Forget the numbers, the Cardinals had four legit chances to tally in the first half and came up […]