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Post Mortem Monday: Megan, Darren

Revised 7/19. 6:58 am. The Claret is Darren’s. Good for Darren Clarke. We love when one of these old farts, a guy who has always been on the verge, but no higher, succeeds. Don’t we? He stayed steady. Dustin Johnson gagged. Phil Mickelson did, well, a Phil Mickelson. But, oh my, did Lefty toy with […]

No Rumors, No Innuendo, Just Questions

Woof. It’s the dog days of summer, whatdaya want from me? Rumors? Innuendo? Recruiting gossip that Jody Demling hasn’t already covered? Nah. But I got some question? * * * * * Why do Gene Smith and Gordon Gee still have jobs at Ohio State? Who will coach again sooner in college: Bruce Pearl or […]

Ware’s The Scholly, The Vest Divestiture & Summer’s Heat

Take that Brandon Bender. U of L’s Cardinals have fought back to a draw with former part time b-baller Brandon Bender. By all accounts the woefully underachieving former Ballard Bruin steered Seneca QB DaMarcus Smith to Central Florida. Apparently, much to Smith’s chagrin, after he learned that Bender was just woofin’, and that CF’s star […]

Coach Cal vs. The Rick: The Smackdown Continues

John Calipari has announced he’s going to coach the Dominican Republic’s basketball team this summer. Would he have made such a move, had his not so friendly adversary from down the road — that would be Rick Pitino in case you’ve been asleep the last few years — not announced he was going to coach […]

The Shoni Schimmel Flick, “Off The Rez”: Interesting, But Disappointing

I’ll say this for TLC. The network sure does know how to jam a lot of commercials in its programming. Tuned in on Saturday night for my first look at the “heralded” documentary about Louisville Women’s b-ball hoop star Shoni Schimmel. And, actually was able to see the film, though it took work and patience, […]

Derby So Yesterday, Looking Ahead to Hoops

Now that your obsession with Derby, and my obsession with JazzFest, are done for the year, let’s look ahead to what really matters. Stanley Cup? Well, for a few us here, but not many. MLB? Check with Rick Bozich on that. He’s locked in, even though his ChiSox suck. College Football? Sure, Charlie Strong has […]

TJ Says Sayonara Like Samardo

Given that The Rick foretold last week that Terrence Jennings was out the door to fame, fortune or failure as a pro, it comes as no surprise that last year’s peculiar pivot officially announced he’s sayonara like Samardo before him. So much for the centerpieces of that recruiting class. But, gee, it sure seems like […]

Nolan Smith, In Your Face

I trust I’m not the only one more than a might miffed at the chutzpah of Nolan Smith. And scratching my head. On, no less,  just about the fourth anniversary of the moment when he flipped U of L the bird, and headed off to fame and, yes, fortune, and a title as a Devil […]

Huskies Mush Bulldogs: UConn 53, Butler 41

Well now, that’s not exactly the championship capper we were anticipating, was it? Butler shot like Biddy Ballers. UConn hung on. Irascible Jim Calhoun won his third title. How come I feel like I need a shower? * * * * * The truth, my fellow hoopaholics, is that this was the perfect metaphor for […]

Louisville Card File: Providence

Revised 3/03 @ 8:56 am A few weeks ago, U of L honored the ’86 national championship team. The unsung hero on that squad, which included guys named Ellison, Thompson and Wagner, was Herbert Crook. Herbert Crook was a GREAT second forward, averaging 11.8 ppg, getting offensive boards, doing the dirty work, making clutch baskets. […]