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Rumor & Innuendo: Snider A Cardinal After All??????

The hottest topic this day among the local hoops recruiting cognoscenti is that Quentin Snider did not sign a LOI with Illinois. Brief history: The superprep Ballard guard had been committed to U of L since his inception, then withdrew that this past summer. After being wined and dined around the land, he made the […]

Quentin Snider’s Movin’ On: It’s No Big Deal

When I was in junior high school — such creatures are now known as middle school — I visited the Naval Academy in Annapolis as part of a school trip. I was smitten. I thought it was the coolest place I’d ever been. Which, given my lack of travel experience to that point, it might […]

Monday Morning QB: Techsters, Pacers, Bowlers & More

There is something so . . . well . . . fresh, I guess would be the descriptor, about locking into college baseball’s post-season. At least, for me. I spent seven years matriculating on the Belknap Campus, and, though a huge sports fan, never once sauntered over to Parkway Field for a Cardinal baseball game. […]

Friday’s Final Shots: Sayonara Big East, Goodbye Willie, Whatup LA & More

Before moving on to other matters, let’s cue up Marty Glickman from the Gaaaaahhden. It’s time we must bid a sad adieu to the soon-to-be-yesterday’s-stale-bagel Big East, her intense rivalries, Dave Gavitt’s well-intentioned promise, her glory early spring days in the Garden, Big John with his shoulder towel vs. Little Louie in Macy’s ugliest sweater, […]

Seedy K’s Tuesday Titters

I ordered my Phil Steele College Football Yearbook today. So obsessively packed full of information is this, it allows me to actually write as if I know something. $14.25 and cheap at twice the price. Which is to say, despite this summer’s heat wave, I’m gettin’ ready for some football. (Though, while walking my pooch […]

FFFFinest Sports Week of the Year???

It’s a rhetorical question, that title that has lured you into my lair. But a legitimate one nonetheless. Among the happenings this fine week: Final Four Weekend. Now there are those college hoops fans who believe the start of practice in October is bigger. For others it’s that national signing day when we see John […]

Waiting for Wayne’s World & Other Tuesday Considerations

Just the Same as it Ever Was. Am I the only Louisville basketball fan who is tired, tired, tired of the annual roster soap opera? Injuries. Qualification issues. And, in the case of Wayne Blackshear, one of the Cards’ two Golden Arches All-American recruits, both. We’ve known for awhile that he has a shoulder injury […]

Daily Briefing: Sunday 8/28 (Killing Time till Kickoff)

Using my pal Bruce’s method of counting days, it’s 3 days and wake up until kickoff. * * * * * Unfortunately I did not make it out to see #1 U of L skunk UCLA, 2 zed, in the season’s soccer opener. (It was Saturday Night Datenight. The Film Babe and I took in […]

Where Are Ye Now Mo Mo Jones? Why Talented Hoopsters Move Around So Much

It sure seems like these days a whole lot of high school basketball stars commit real early, then change their minds, then, often, change their minds again. Which changes of mind, when you think about it, are not all that unusual for immature teens. Especially pampered hoopsters wined and ined from the 6th grade forward […]

Him Again???: Musings of a Monday Morning QB

How can we miss him if he won’t stay away? The NFL isn’t even officially back in biz yet, and we’re already hearing the name of Brett Favre tossed about. To Philly as a back up? Somewhere else? What a revoltin’ develpment this is. Yo, Rick, two words: Willie Williams. I’m talking Rick Stansbury here, […]