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Back In The Press Box

I’m home, full of oysters, soft shell crab, jambalaya, crawfish pie and file gumbo. And crawfish strudel. Only in the Crescent City. Sound Familiar, River City? Cyril Crutchfield was, until last Monday, one of the best high school football coaches in Louisiana. His South Plaquemines teams won three state titles in the last decade. He […]

Opening Night: Coach Cal Pitches Perfect Game

Last night, an absolutely glorious April evening, marked Opening Day for the Louisville Bats. 9, 207 root, root, rooted for the home team at Slugger Field. To no avail. The local nine lost 0-3. It’s a shame. But there’s another game tonight. Tomorrow night, don’t bother knockin’, the house will be rockin’. Cuban phenom Aroldis […]

One & Done should be None & Done

Revised 6/23 10:15 am Word now is that Isiah Thomas and Florida International no longer have prep pariah Lance Stephenson in their sights. As smarmy as the whole situation surrounding this NYC wunderkind is, he and his whattayagotforus parents shouldn’t be worrying about if the kid is going to¬† be ballin’ anywhere in the States […]

Listen to the Lions

The feel good story of the Kentucky high school prep b-ball season is, of course, the Elliott County Lions. They are Carr Creek redux. Those thick short fellas from the mountains used to come to the state tourney and seemingly get every single board. They ball in the spirit of Wayland’s King Kelly Coleman. If […]

Call in the Auctioneer

Five of the nation’s leading prep talents are still available for a freshman hoops class somewhere next season. Whose going to be the highest bidder? Here are the names you might have heard or maybe not. Demarcus Cousins. Renardo Sidney. Lance Stephenson. John Wall. Latavious Williams. All are considered Top 20 recruits. And the word […]

The PRP Mess

Talking with some folks more familiar than I with the Max Gilpin situation, it seems that there is more damning info to come. I’m not sure that Gilpin’s death raises to the level of a criminal event. Sad. Sure. Preventable. Possibly. Criminal in the current football uber alles culture. ???? But the handling of the […]

Considering the Jason Stinson Situation

PRP’s former football coach has now been indicted by a Grand Jury because of the accidental death during practice last summer of young Max Gilpin. It is a really sad situation. Obviously. And how to react is vexing. Gilpin’s parents in their grief have dealt with the loss as any caring parents would. But what […]