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New Year’s Day Noogies (And a little Nougat too)

Noogie. To the Courier-Journal sports page editors. Perhaps I shouldn’t be quite so unrelenting while continually pointing out the foibles and follies of the C-J’s sports page, which has become an almost daily example of bad editing. After all, I make a lot of editing mistakes myself, not to mention errors of grammar and spelling. […]

Friday’s Final Shots: Sayonara Big East, Goodbye Willie, Whatup LA & More

Before moving on to other matters, let’s cue up Marty Glickman from the Gaaaaahhden. It’s time we must bid a sad adieu to the soon-to-be-yesterday’s-stale-bagel Big East, her intense rivalries, Dave Gavitt’s well-intentioned promise, her glory early spring days in the Garden, Big John with his shoulder towel vs. Little Louie in Macy’s ugliest sweater, […]

Sunday Afternoon QB: Maximum Pigskin Punditry

At the outset, I feel compelled to advise that I’m blogging while wearing, for the first time, my Strom Thurmond High School long sleeve t-shirt. It was given to me by a friend who has moved to that vicinity near South Carolina. I trust I’m the only one on my block with such an item […]

Furious Friday: Royalty, Raging Rivalries & Recruiting

Are we tired of hearing about Peyton Manning? I certainly am. The King of Super Bowl Media Week has morphed into Brett Favre before our very eyes. You’d think they guy stopped funding for breast cancer research or something of little consequence like that. * * * * * Sports fans here in Hoopsylvania pride […]

The Vig’s & Don Bosco’s Revenge: It’s Time For This Week To End

It has not been the greatest year. In sports. In life. I would have hoped that it might have ended on a more positive note. But, noooooooooooooooooooooo . . . U of L’s Cardinals lost the Belk Bowl. U of L’s Cardinals lost their Big East opener against Georgetown. U of L visits Rupp for […]

Daily Briefing: Sunday 8/28 (Killing Time till Kickoff)

Using my pal Bruce’s method of counting days, it’s 3 days and wake up until kickoff. * * * * * Unfortunately I did not make it out to see #1 U of L skunk UCLA, 2 zed, in the season’s soccer opener. (It was Saturday Night Datenight. The Film Babe and I took in […]

Daily Briefing: Friday 8/26 (Sports Surprises)

Item #2 updated 12:15 pm, 8/26. Item #2 updated again at 6:40 pm, 8/26. Apparently Kevin Ware, U of L’s Next Great Point Guard, isn’t going to be academically eligible until, at the very least, the second semester. Imagine our surprise. * * * * * Looks like Jordan Jefferson, who was out hours after […]

Daily Briefing: Sunday 8/21

Well, Griffin McLarty, the 13 year old hurler, currently hanging out in Williamsport, PA with his North Oldham teammates at the LLWS, sure seems the Flavor of the Week. Pretty heady stuff for a kid his age. Pitched a shutout and hit a game winning homer in front of 40,000+ and a prime time national […]

Pitino Goes Mini-Cal, Siva’s Not Sosa, Recruiting Shtick, Tiger’s Peeved & Mo’: Thursday’s Tit-For-Tat

All Glare, No Froth. Several readers have already inquired this a.m. if I know at whom The Rick was looking daggers squared after the final buzzer last night, while the rest of the gym was suitably celebratory? I didn’t see it. But, my guess, from hearing the post game comments, is that George Goode was […]

Wednesday:The Good, Bad & Ugly

☹ Doing serious exercise outside in heat like this afternoon is simply stupid. But, hey, I’ve done it. I jogged — if that’s what you call my trundle — at this time of day just last week in similar heat. So that’s not the point of my rant, though probably it should be. It’s about […]