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It Doesn’t Have To Be War

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER Dec. 28, 2013 was dubbed by many as “Cardmageddon.”  The annual Louisville-Kentucky basketball game would tip off in Rupp Arena at 4 p.m., and then Teddy Bridgewater and the football team would face Miami in the Russell Athletic Bowl at 6:45 p.m. That’s a lot for Cards fans’ brains, hearts, and livers […]

The Stakes of the Battle of the Bluegrass

BY CHRIS HAAS Kevin Ware, backup guard turned national hero, was not a fan of the “beat UK” chant that surfaced at the end of the Missouri State game on December 17th. He said: “It gets old; it’s boring. It’s just another game. Nobody’s from here except a couple guys on the team. We really […]

Russ Smith’s improved draft stock

BY CHRIS HAAS Russ Smith finished the 2013 NCAA basketball season with a plethora of accolades. He was the leading scorer on a National Championship team. He was named a third-team All-American and a member of the 2013 Big East All-Conference team. A year earlier, he reached the Final Four and broke the all-time Louisville […]

The King reborn

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER Before the beginning of the 2012-2013 basketball season, I heard Rick Pitino say that Luke Hancock was the second coming of Kyle Kuric, except better. I took this, like everything Pitino says, with a grain of salt. The man tends to exaggerate (“Mike Marra is the best high school shooter I’ve ever […]

Louisville Card File: Fairfield

At his post-game press conference, Rick Pitino was not happy. He did not mince words. He wasn’t content with any aspect of the Cardinals’ performance at Mohegan Sun against Fairfield. At least none that he was going to admit. Despite an early deficit, Louisville was never seriously threatened in its 71-57 W. Interesting. I didn’t […]

Rumor & Innuendo: Snider A Cardinal After All??????

The hottest topic this day among the local hoops recruiting cognoscenti is that Quentin Snider did not sign a LOI with Illinois. Brief history: The superprep Ballard guard had been committed to U of L since his inception, then withdrew that this past summer. After being wined and dined around the land, he made the […]

Seedy K’s BasketBALLS: Chane, Chane, Chane

Those of you who took the under are flush today. Those of you who put your money on the way under can turn in your resignation, and enjoy your retirement. Chane Behanan is baaaaaaaack! I only missed his projected return date by a month. My first prediction was that he’d be back the game after […]

Louisville Card File: UPike

Not sure exactly why Pikeville has rebranded itself UPike. Buuuuuuuuut, it that’s what they want that’s what I’ll call them. At least, until it’s Acme Coal UPike. * * * * * It is certainly a long shot for U of L to repeat as national champs. Tis a daunting task. That said, it is […]

Louisville Card File: Kentucky Wesleyan

So clear is it that there is but one main storyline emanating from last night’s Cardinal exhibition evisceration of Kentucky Wesleyan, that I shall join the herd o’ scribes who have already decried the trend and have alerted those who might not have seen the game. While U of L fans were anxious to see […]

Friday’s Follies, Starring . . .

. . . Rick Pitino, Drama Queen. . . . Chane Behanan, who apparently is now on a regimen of truth serum. So, The Rick, as he is so very wont to do, has prevaricated on exactly when we might see his power forward back in red & black. . . . Kevin Willard, who […]