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Tuesday Tidbits: Tsouris On Tobacco Road +

Okay for those of you not fluent in Yiddish, the definition: Tsouris translates as trouble, distress, heartburn from the outcome of a stressful situation.  It’s a feeling to be avoided at all costs. Well, it’s what those hallowed Tobacco Road superschools are feeling these days. At least that’s what right minded observers of the sports […]

’72 Olympic Hoops Snafu: A Contrarian View

The 1972 US Olympic Men’s Basketball Team reunited this weekend in Georgetown, where teammate Kenny Davis played in college before becoming a member of AAU’s Marathon Oiler squad and that international contingent. The general belief here in America is that the team got a royal international screw job in Munich. I’ve just watched the end […]

Tuesday’s Tidbits: A Little This & Some of That

During the couple of ends-with-a-whimper-not-with-a-bang Cardinal hoops seasons, the two before last year’s surprising Final Four visit, there was a running joke among my friends. With Charlie Strong at the helm, U of L had once again become “a football school.”Or, so we’d joke after a disappointing hoops L. We knew — and still know […]

Olympic Sunday Brunch: Andy, Sandy & Randy

I surmise that the majority of you, real sports fans all, have learned that, unlike NBC’s saccharine prime time coverage, there are real sporting competitions to be viewed in full, during the day. (Thank you, Time Warner, for not giving the finger to NBC Networks like you have to NFL Network.) This Sunday morn, most […]

Olympic Moments: Maggie More than Missy & Mo’

We can breathe a sigh of relief. Finally NBC has a darling. Well, make that “had a darling.” Missy “The Missle” Franklin, come on down. The teen queen swimmer from Colorado won the 100-backstroke about 45 seconds after heat qualifying in another race. She has a Julia Roberts smile, travels with her teddy bear — […]

Olympics Begin: Some Not So Secure Observations

I intended to begin my bloggery about the Olympics with some pithy comment about how much safer security is here in the Cherokee Triangle than in Trafalgar Square. Something like how our Neighborhood Watch and the solo cop who patrols the Sunday Night Triangle Park concerts are doing a better job than the understaffed G4S. […]

Thursday’s Hot Sports in the Summertime

Well, I’ll be honest here. I’ve been blindsided by the commencement of Olympic competition . . . without my requisite cache of beverages, chips, dips and DiGiorno in the freezer or Delivery on speed dial or both. Woe is me. Soccer has started. Yesterday, the US Women Soccer team bested France after a slow beginning. […]

Seedy K’s Tuesday Titters

I ordered my Phil Steele College Football Yearbook today. So obsessively packed full of information is this, it allows me to actually write as if I know something. $14.25 and cheap at twice the price. Which is to say, despite this summer’s heat wave, I’m gettin’ ready for some football. (Though, while walking my pooch […]