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Sanchez, Solo, Rapinoe: Thoughts on the States’ Stunner over Brazil

You will not find the name Sanchez on the back of any of the Brazilian players’ jerseys. (Well, actually you might, but it won’t be the Sanchez I wish to herald here.) That would be photographer Marcio Jose Sanchez, whose photo of Abby Wambach’s tying header in the 122d minute of yesterday’s incredible US over […]

Knowles Syndrome, Zebras in the Spotlight: Basketballmanac, 1st Weekend Review

Preston Knowles sadly ended his career, injured, watching from the bench as his Cards folded against Morehead State. How were he and we to know his inopportune blunder from a few weeks prior would foretell the ending of the most cockamamie game in the tourney’s storied history? Turn the dial just a smidge on the […]

Grassy Knoll Revisited: Basketballmanac ’11, Friday Edition

Attention All Conspiracy Theorists. Final thoughts on that absurd ending to the St. John’s/ Rutgers tilt. Honest. No more after this. A loyal reader has sent along this bit of info he received from an Ohio State Buckeye fan. (Not that such affinity makes any difference whatsoever here.) Seems the over/ under for betting purposes […]

Basketballmanac ’11: Championship Thursday, Part I

Sayonara Pitt. Gonna be a lot of talk about Kemba Walker hitting another game winner. This time in the Gahhden — Thank you, Marty Glickman — to eliminate regular season champ Pitt. Gonna be some talk about Jamal Coombs-McDaniel’s heady timeout, after his key offensive board, which gave UConn the opportunity to steal it in […]

Louisville Card File: UConn

I have seen the future. His name is Gorgui Dieng. I’m reminded of watching a similarly raw, still undeveloped Hakkem Olajawon play for Houston against Carolina in the ’82 NCAA semis in New Orleans. Though you could sense that had the right instincts and athletic attributes, he was not nearly as good at that juncture […]

Louisville Card File: Notre Dame

Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t know that there’s lots to say about the L last night to the Irish. Had the game ended in a regulation on, say, a last second shot by Notre Dame, it would have disappointing. But not as deflating, I don’t think. As it played out, it was a coulda, woulda, perhaps even shoulda […]

Blue Saturday: Rants From The Recliner

Whodathought my sweetie would have followed my advice to the letter? This morning, when discussing the day, I advised her of my intentions to park in my recliner, clicker in hand, beverages and snacks within reach, and nurture my inner Coach Potato. When I just called, inquiring as to her whereabouts, she advised, rather defiantly […]

Louisville Card File: Southern Mississippi

I’m not a delusional guy. I’m reasonably bright and perceptive, not prone to hallucinogenic visions (at least since the early 80s). But I must tell you what happened while watching the BO’B Bowl last night on TV. When I read in the scrawl along the bottom of the screen that Brett Whatisname still hasn’t been […]

LeBron, Baseball, Blue Field, Basketball: Tuesday’s Quick Shots

Was that really the NBA I was watching last night? On opening night, a relatively meaningless game between the aging Boston Celtics and THE GREATEST TEAM EVER ASSEMBLED? Well, yes it was. I like hoops. And I am frankly curious to see how Pat Riley’s grande experiment goes down. (And, truth be told, I do […]

Kentucky Koldcocks Gamecocks, Toppers Tumble, Buckeyes Blanch: MMQB (Sunday Style)

Tale of Two Cities. It was the best of times (Lexington). It was the worst of times (Bowling Green). How ’bout them Cats? Did Joker’s guys show some H(e)art(line) or what? After falling short in recent games just like last night’s first ever W over Coach Visor, the Big Blue stayed the course this time. […]