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Yoo Hoo, NBA and NFL, Knockoff the Lockouts, please!

What a pity that major league baseball and the National Hockey League don’t have labor agreements coming to an end this season. Then we’d have a clean sweep of intransigent owners and overvalued players picketing and firing polemics at each other. If MLB locks out McCourt in LA, we might be able to get a […]

Heat, Headbands & Hosers Hosed: Tuesday’s Tidbits

What lessons did I learn from Breakfast at Roland Garros on Sunday morn? For one, Phil Knight remains the real King of Sports. (Take that LeBronBron!) There were more swooshes about than on Jay Cardosi’s weather map with one of those Grateful Dead t-shirt storms coming through. But seriously. The real take away is that […]

Heat Melt, Messi Mugged & Lord Stanley Still Reigns

My man Mark isn’t going to like this. Actually, I’m a bit miffed myself. I fell prey last night to what I call World Series Syndrome. Which means Game Deux of the NBA Finals started so late — at least for us old farts — that I fell asleep. In the first half. Then I […]

Cards Crippled, Hoosiers Happy & Dawson Demurs: The Thursday Show

Preston Knowles has a pulled hammy. Imagine my surprise. I’ve said it before and I’ll reiterate. Injuries such as those suffered by Rak Buckles and Gorgui Dieng are just dumb bad luck. The epidemic of leg and groin injuries suffered by Louisville Cardinals during the Pitino Era has to be more than coincidence. Overworked, tired […]

Sunday’s Shooting Gallery

*** It’s the Lakers and the Celtics, just the way David Stern and the TV guys want it to be. I’ll be rooting for the Green. (Unlike those classic Bird vs. Magic smackdowns, where, for some reason I can’t figure out, I cheered for the LaLas.) But I think Phil Jackson is going to get […]

Sad Saturday (In Boston) & Coach Cal Gits ‘Er Done (Again)

Dr. Doom and Professor Gloom a/k/a The Grim Reapers are obviously on a tour of the Northeast. Having wrecked havoc in Cleveland on Thursday night, when the Cavs spit out the bit in the NBA Eastern Conference semis, the GPs took the red eye to Beantown. Where they dealt the NHL Bruins an even more […]

Thursday Ticket: Playoffs, Hot Pokers and Payoffs

Beware the Stache. Lord only knows what the real deal is with this year’s Derby ticket scam? The 2010 edition stars U of L assistant Steve Masiello, Oldham County Magistrate Scott Davis and the nefarious Stephen Netherton. Since it is only peripherally a sports matter, I shan’t comment extensively. But I’ll be watching. I do […]

Coach Cal to Cleveland(?) & That Darned Seat Selection Scenario

Apparently the UK coach — that would be basketball coach John “Asking for a Lifetime Contract” Calipari — dropped into the Q last night, where he watched former Wildcat Rajon Rondo and his fellow Celtics whomp the Cavs and Cal’s close and personal superstar but MIA friend LeBron James up one side of the head […]

Tuesday Tidbits: Former Cardinals on the Uptick & More

Rave On, Rajon. Okay, so the former Eastern Eagle never really was a U of L Cardinal. But he sure wanted to be. But The Rick has a thing for New York point guards, soooooo . . . Rondo finally had the good sense to say, “I’m tired of waiting. I’m going to UK.” By […]

Back In The Press Box

I’m home, full of oysters, soft shell crab, jambalaya, crawfish pie and file gumbo. And crawfish strudel. Only in the Crescent City. Sound Familiar, River City? Cyril Crutchfield was, until last Monday, one of the best high school football coaches in Louisiana. His South Plaquemines teams won three state titles in the last decade. He […]