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Sunday Morning QB: Strong Rumors Rampant +

Frankly I found it odd that U of L’s football team and Coach Charlie Strong weren’t paraded onto the court at one of the many timeouts yesterday at the Yum! during the Illinois State basketball game. Actually, disconcerting is a more apt descriptor. The rumor du jour is that Strong interviewed for the Tennessee job. […]

Monday Morning QB: A Lot of This, A Little of That

So, yesterday I couldn’t help but think of the somewhat famous Tennessee Williams’ quip: “There are but three cities in the United States. New Orleans, New York and San Francisco. All the rest is Cleveland.” Thinking of New York because of the justified hullabaloo about Hurricane Sandy and all the mess going on in the […]

Tuesday Sports Update: A Little of This & Some of That

Anybody out there watching Celtic take on Barcelona in a Champions League match at Camp Nou? Didn’t think so. Surprisingly, Celtic is up early, 1 nil. But you really really don’t care, right? I’ll move on. * * * * * Despite all the negative tests, Lance Armstrong did take performance enhancing drugs, it seems. […]

Tuesday Tidbits: Tsouris On Tobacco Road +

Okay for those of you not fluent in Yiddish, the definition: Tsouris translates as trouble, distress, heartburn from the outcome of a stressful situation.  It’s a feeling to be avoided at all costs. Well, it’s what those hallowed Tobacco Road superschools are feeling these days. At least that’s what right minded observers of the sports […]

Sunday Afternoon QB: Pigskin Tidbits & Bonus Opinionation

If Cards’ fans are pumped about Teddy B, as well they should be and are, Cats’ fans should be equally as pleased with their signal caller Maxwell Smith. 30/39 in the air. Hmmm, that looks familiar. Where did I see that number this morning? Oh yes, U of L’s QB stats. For 354 Big Blue […]

Sports Sunday: Clearing Off The Desk Before Kickoff

Yes, friends, we are but days away from that time of year that SEC commish Mike Slive likes to call Moneyball. College football, and soon thereafter the game played by the play for more pay guys, are bout to kickoff. Not soon enough if you ask me. (Though my Tigers are neck and neck with […]

Friday’s Fahrenheit: Fishing, Federer & Folderol

There are sports I watch where my allegiances are firm and of long standing. I don’t root against my Louisville Cardinals. Or the Detroit Tigers, Lions, Red Wings or Pistons. Or Barcelona. Or the Hotspur. Or Kobayashi. Or Miss Madison. Then there are those competitions when none of the above are involved and I pick […]

Holiday Sports Report: Slogging thru Summer Sludge

FYI. I was going to use the portmanteau “splogging” instead of the “slogging” you see in the header. Then a quick google check — Yes, I actually research from time to time — taught me that the term “splog” refers to a spam blog, an internet site set up just to direct you to commercial […]

Well Now, Where Were We?

Okay, I survived 11 days in New Orleans, including way too much talk about Bountrygate on the sports pages. And you, if you’re reading this, survived Derby and have enough faculties left to remember how to surf over here to Score. So, like, you know, what’s been happenin? Well, Luke Hancock proved himself worthy of […]

Tuesday Titterings: Smith, Jones & Others

A little of this and a little of that: I don’t care that Terrence Jones had a flotilla of media types following along. I thought it kinda neat that he kept his promise and brought flowers to the U of L cheerleader he pummeled while chasing a loose ball in the NCAA semis. Maybe it […]