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Magic Carpet Ride Continues: Cardinal Nine a W Away from CWS

A more dedicated and ambitious scribe than myself would now be checking to see if U of L baseballers Matt Helms and Joe Filomeno have been quafing the same sports drink, or eating the same food in the dorm or otherwise genuflecting before the same spiritual guru as Tim Henderson? It better be. Otherwise there’s […]

Monday Morning QB: Techsters, Pacers, Bowlers & More

There is something so . . . well . . . fresh, I guess would be the descriptor, about locking into college baseball’s post-season. At least, for me. I spent seven years matriculating on the Belknap Campus, and, though a huge sports fan, never once sauntered over to Parkway Field for a Cardinal baseball game. […]

U of L Cards Coast to Super Regional

All sports are laden with “givens,” aspects of the particular game that are accepted as inviolate, considered immutable. Here’s an absolute, if the category is College Baseball, NCAA Tournament. A school that wins the first two games of in one of the 16 regions has an obscene advantage over the other three participants. It is, […]

Cards Chalk Up W over ‘Canes, One W from Super Regional

The white dust was still wafting in the air along the right field line, as U of L cut and pasted a six run rally in the bottom of the 7th to take charge of what had been a mighty pitchers’ duel with Miami just moments before. With duller bats in college ball these days, […]

Back in Biz: Sporting Scene with a Gangsta Lean

I have no idea what my title means. Hope it got your attention, and you now realize after almost two weeks away that I’m baaaaaaaaaaack. Open for business. One more caveat. I’m not totally on my game yet. And, apparently, Golden State didn’t have quite enough last night in San Antonio. I figured it was […]

Last Look Back (I Really Mean It This Time) At Louisville Cardinals’ NCAA Title

Looking back at this team and this season, I’ve been struck with a belief that it really was a magical ride. Then I’ll wonder, isn’t it like this with all champions? Especially in the amateur ranks? Were there more stories here than usual, more heartbreak overcome, more obstacles hurdled, a more unusual and interesting gang […]

Final Thoughts (Probably), Mostly Peripheral Re: U of L Cardinals W Over Michigan

I’ve watched the game in replay. I’ve perused the box score. I’m not sure I’ve got much more to offer viz a viz the game itself, beyond what I’ve already observed and what you’ve read in many different places. But a couple of things. Michigan hit 55% from the field in the 2d half (11/20). […]

Cardinals’ Championship Considerations, Part II

I guess I didn’t know the whole story of how MOP Luke Hancock landed at U of L, though I allude to it in my championship story which comes out tomorrow in print and online. Apparently, when Jim Larranaga left George Mason, Luke wanted to follow him to Miami. GM wouldn’t allow a release to […]

Louisville Card File: Championship Edition, Part I

This will be the first of, I expect, several communiques about the championship game. But far from the most in depth. I was not out among the tear gassed and paint balled celebrants last night, though, on the way home from the HummelDome where I watched the game, I did dodge more than a few […]

Louisville Card File: Wichita State

Now, Rule #3 comes into play, since Rule #1 (Survive and advance) no longer really applies. Of course, Rule #2 still matters, but, since there is not conjecture at this juncture about an opponent in the next round, it is moot. The who(m) Louisville plays is Michigan. Rule #3: Close the deal. On Monday, the […]