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Props to Kevin Ollie

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER On Jan. 18, when Louisville played Connecticut for the first time in what would end up being a series of thrashings, I watched Huskies’ head coach Kevin Ollie throw a temper tantrum over a controversial call. After Ollie was ejected and gave the refs a stare-down that could turn someone to stone, […]

A Little Game Day Wisdom

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER When Louisville and Kentucky played each other in the 2012 Final Four, the game tipped off at 2am in the country where I was living at that time.  After fueling myself with a magical elixir that both made time go by quicker and calmed my nerves (beer), I found a poor-quality stream […]

The Madness is Upon Us

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER Ah yes, March Madness. It’s like the third Christmas of the year behind only Christmas itself and Derby. It’s the source of some of the greatest joys, but also the greatest sorrows, and only one team gets to bask in that blissful glory that comes with winning the national championship. One of […]

Four Thoughts on the Past Week of Basketball

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER A lot of stuff just happened. Cards fans got to enjoy a week of pure bliss, as the AAC Tournament went as well as it could have. Then Selection Sunday came around and was a huge buzzkill. Here’s a few thoughts about the first week of March Madness: 1. I’ve never been […]

Weekend Sports Favorites, Midday Sunday Edition

Favorite Quote of the Weekend. During the U of L Red/White Scrimmage II yesterday, they announced yet another of the plethora of Rick Pitino book signings during one of the timeouts. Sitting next to me, Howie Lindsay of Louisville Sports Report, or whatever it’s called these days, deadpanned, “Pitino’s got a new book out? Who […]

Sunday’s Baseline: Britannia Rules & Other Observations Of More Concern In These Colonies

Now that Dwight Howard has settled the really burning and oh so important question in sports, by eschewing the LA LA Lakers, and taking his talents to Houston to play for the Rockets, we can move on to some issues of lesser import. * * * * * Of all people, I’m thinking of Karl […]

Monday Morning Musings: Cards, Spurs, Heat & Lefty

U of L’s baseball nine faces #3 seed Oregon State in a loser-goes-home CWS elimination game this afternoon. The Cards are in good company at least. Not that it’s much consolation. The Beavers are one of the eight national seeds. Which means they were favorites over Mississippi State. In the other bracket, North Carolina, the […]

Sunday’s Sports Shorts: Lefty Up, C-J Left Behind & More

Updated 6/16 at 2:44 pm. From some initial comments I have received regarding this column, some people, perhaps even most who take delivery of the C-J, received a sports section Sunday morning with stories, which did not not appear in the edition I received. I stand by what I wrote about what I received. There […]

Friday: LBJ in the NBA, IU & UofL in the CWS

Looking at the big picture, meaning in overview the entire series with its interesting stories and sidelights, the NBA Finals remain compelling. In microcosm, not so much. Only the first game, the one where San Antonio “stole” a W in Miami — That’s the mandated vernacular, right? — was close. Since then, the teams have […]

Louisville Slams, Splitter Slammed, Yum! Not So Yummy: Monday, Monday

I mean, really now, it’s time for Ken Lolla and his Louisville soccer team to step it up. They only made it to the NCAA Tournament Elite 8, losing to Maryland, 1-3, in the quarter-finals. Tsk, tsk. Okay, that’s obviously an attempt at humor. A lame one perhaps. But, consider this. If the soccer team […]