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Friday: LBJ in the NBA, IU & UofL in the CWS

Looking at the big picture, meaning in overview the entire series with its interesting stories and sidelights, the NBA Finals remain compelling. In microcosm, not so much. Only the first game, the one where San Antonio “stole” a W in Miami — That’s the mandated vernacular, right? — was close. Since then, the teams have […]

Louisville Slams, Splitter Slammed, Yum! Not So Yummy: Monday, Monday

I mean, really now, it’s time for Ken Lolla and his Louisville soccer team to step it up. They only made it to the NCAA Tournament Elite 8, losing to Maryland, 1-3, in the quarter-finals. Tsk, tsk. Okay, that’s obviously an attempt at humor. A lame one perhaps. But, consider this. If the soccer team […]

Will Spurs Continue to School Heat in Game Two?

Aging Tim Duncan threw the ball away on San Antonio’s first possession Thursday night in the NBA Finals opener. Then he missed his first five shots. But . . . he went 8/14 the rest of the way, including a last second message at the end of the first half. He grabbed 14 rebounds. He […]

Hoops: The End Draws Nigh

This is it. Make no mistake about it. This is it. One way or another. There will be seven. At best. No 7 come 11. Tonight. Sunday. Tuesday. Thursday. Then, maybe, if we’re lucky, another on the sabbath and Tuesday and Thursday, the “if necessary” games, as the euphemism goes. Then real withdrawal descends upon […]

Monday Morning QB: Techsters, Pacers, Bowlers & More

There is something so . . . well . . . fresh, I guess would be the descriptor, about locking into college baseball’s post-season. At least, for me. I spent seven years matriculating on the Belknap Campus, and, though a huge sports fan, never once sauntered over to Parkway Field for a Cardinal baseball game. […]

Sunday Sports Shorts: Hoops, Pucks, Prodigal Sons & Daughters +

Just when I’ve gotten past my Hansbrough enmity — Thanks BirdMan Anderson — just when I’m ready to embrace a team with a Not Ready For Prime Time enfant terrible nicknamed “Born Ready,” just when I’m glorying in the reality that 2/3s of the Miami triumvirate are self destructing before my eyes, Roy Hibbert’s gotta […]

Hump Day Sports Shots: Hurrahs and Harrumphs

It seems like everyday there’s some new rating coming out in an attempt to put some aspect of life into more hierarchy than it really is. Lots of them are sports related. As if anything matters other than performance on the field, diamond, pitch, court or ice. Most are pretty stupid. Example A: This season’s […]

Okay, Let’s Talk NBA (& Other Thursday Sports Stuff)

I’ve been chastised by several loyal readers for my failure to track every moment of the NBA playoffs. So, as a tease, I was going to start today’s blog with something like: “Did you see the big game last night? How about Samoa’s boffo start against Fiji in the Rugby 7s Las Vegas consolation game?” […]

Sports Shorts Tuesday: T-Will, Titles & T-Bone

Branding is one thing. Brandishing, another altogether. Rick Pitino has used the former, advertising terminology, regarding his mission at U of L. As in “rebranding the program.” I hate such talk, but know what he means. Brandishing is what former Cardinal baller Terrence Williams has been charged with. As in waving a gun about in […]

Monday Morning Dispatch: Hoops, Red Wings & (Sigh) Tiger

Among my crowd, it’s known as the Edgar Sosa play. Others have referred to it as the Siva Clear Out. You local hoopaholics know what I’m talking about. With less than a shot clock to play, the Cardinals have the ball, game tied or one down. Four guys clear out, allowing Edgar or Russ or […]