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Friday’s Follies, Starring . . .

. . . Rick Pitino, Drama Queen. . . . Chane Behanan, who apparently is now on a regimen of truth serum. So, The Rick, as he is so very wont to do, has prevaricated on exactly when we might see his power forward back in red & black. . . . Kevin Willard, who […]

Sunday Morning Snap Shots: Bucs, Bikes, Brooklyn Basketball & More

Well, we now know for sure which school is going to be the dark horse come autumn in the World’s Greatest Football League. Vanderbilt Commodores, come on down. A loyal reader, a former Louisvillian who now resides in Music City, hipped me to the story early yesterday morning, before it hit the national wires. Four […]

Hernandez & Other Hump Day Harrumphs

 I had lunch today with my usual Wednesday noon compadres, this week at recently opened Sidebar, where the burgers as advertised are pretty damn good. There’s the usual array of casual food at a place right by the arena, with flatscreens all about, most tuned to sports channels. (Though one this noon was at the […]

Emergency Warning Test: A Whistle from Defeat, Heat Force Game 7

The whistle never came, of course. I assume the NBA provided emergency medical personnel for the refs last night. So they could perform the Heimlich Maneuver after the game on Joe Crawford, Ken Mauer and Mike Callahn, last night’s zebras, none of whom considered it an infraction when Manu Ginobili was the victim of felonious […]

Monday Morning Musings: Cards, Spurs, Heat & Lefty

U of L’s baseball nine faces #3 seed Oregon State in a loser-goes-home CWS elimination game this afternoon. The Cards are in good company at least. Not that it’s much consolation. The Beavers are one of the eight national seeds. Which means they were favorites over Mississippi State. In the other bracket, North Carolina, the […]

Sunday’s Sports Shorts: Lefty Up, C-J Left Behind & More

Updated 6/16 at 2:44 pm. From some initial comments I have received regarding this column, some people, perhaps even most who take delivery of the C-J, received a sports section Sunday morning with stories, which did not not appear in the edition I received. I stand by what I wrote about what I received. There […]

Friday: LBJ in the NBA, IU & UofL in the CWS

Looking at the big picture, meaning in overview the entire series with its interesting stories and sidelights, the NBA Finals remain compelling. In microcosm, not so much. Only the first game, the one where San Antonio “stole” a W in Miami — That’s the mandated vernacular, right? — was close. Since then, the teams have […]

Louisville Slams, Splitter Slammed, Yum! Not So Yummy: Monday, Monday

I mean, really now, it’s time for Ken Lolla and his Louisville soccer team to step it up. They only made it to the NCAA Tournament Elite 8, losing to Maryland, 1-3, in the quarter-finals. Tsk, tsk. Okay, that’s obviously an attempt at humor. A lame one perhaps. But, consider this. If the soccer team […]

Will Spurs Continue to School Heat in Game Two?

Aging Tim Duncan threw the ball away on San Antonio’s first possession Thursday night in the NBA Finals opener. Then he missed his first five shots. But . . . he went 8/14 the rest of the way, including a last second message at the end of the first half. He grabbed 14 rebounds. He […]

Hoops: The End Draws Nigh

This is it. Make no mistake about it. This is it. One way or another. There will be seven. At best. No 7 come 11. Tonight. Sunday. Tuesday. Thursday. Then, maybe, if we’re lucky, another on the sabbath and Tuesday and Thursday, the “if necessary” games, as the euphemism goes. Then real withdrawal descends upon […]