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Tuesday Pot Shots (& I’m not talking Marijuana)

Question du Jour. What do Russia, France, Slovakia, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Austria and Belarus have in common that the U.S. of A. does not? If you answered: A chance to win the Women’s Futbol World Cup, that would be incorrect. If you said each of those European countries has a survivor in the women’s […]

Kragthorpe Fraud Keeps On Giving

U of L football fans owe another big thank you to former Cardinal football coach, the charlatan who passed himself as a martinet, Steve Kragthorpe. Here’s a release from the school, advising of lost scholarships, resulting from academic deficiencies during the Kragthorpe Era. Cards Allowed Fewer Initial Football Scholarships This Year LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The […]

Cards Crippled, Hoosiers Happy & Dawson Demurs: The Thursday Show

Preston Knowles has a pulled hammy. Imagine my surprise. I’ve said it before and I’ll reiterate. Injuries such as those suffered by Rak Buckles and Gorgui Dieng are just dumb bad luck. The epidemic of leg and groin injuries suffered by Louisville Cardinals during the Pitino Era has to be more than coincidence. Overworked, tired […]

Louisville Cardinals Sweep Weekend

Yeah, I know, Louisville’s volleyball team lost in the NCAAs, but they’re young and have nothing to be ashamed of. So, I’m stickin’ with my story. The Cards touched ‘em all, on a 4 for 4 weekend. In ascending order of importance and impressiveness. What I mean is least is first. You know, I’m saving […]

Seedy K’s Scintillating Selections: Week XIII (Regular Season Finale)

If there’s somebody patriotic enough out there that you were able to watch the entirety of Notre Dame vs. Army at Yankee Stadium without running out before halftime to enlist in the infantry, please get in touch. I am curious to know, if as I expected might happen as part of the halftime show, James […]

Ryder Up, Hoops on the Horizon, Pigskin Punditry: Monday Musings

So I’m watching the Ryder Cup a few minutes ago — Not a lot of things better than waking to a live sporting event on the telly with coffee — and there was a momentary power surge. Which of course reminded me of the last of these events, played at Valhalla, when a lot of […]

Vols Howl, Kiffin’s Snifflin’, Quack Attacks & More: MMQB (Sunday Style)

And the Kraggy Goes to . . . I had made a personal vow not to diss the seriously inept recent former U of L football coach anymore. So much for my resolve. Given what two SEC coaches did yesterday, simultaneously at the same time together no less, I knew the moment was ripe for […]

Bulldogs Squeal Like A Pig, Big Least Losers & Mo’: Saturday’s Scoreboard

Another not so big showing in the Big House. Frank Beamer’s doing the Hokey Pokey. Buckeyes and Bama are rollllllin’. Vols and Gators on Rocky Top. Must be the third weekend of the season. Hand me another brat, and let’s get started. * * * * * With hoops, of course. Would you expect anything […]

Kragthorpe, Crean, Cats & Cards Go Kerthunk

Just yesterday I blogged that I would mention Steve Kragthorpe no more in this space. It is my intention to do just that. After, that is, this one last rant in hopes of purging myself of the dismay over Kragthorpe’s virulent three year tenure as U of L’s coach. Upon the completion of which projectile […]

Roundball, Rondo, Runoffs, Rum & Pigskin Roundup

Rajon Returns Home. My pal Mark — He’s my NBA go to guy — chastised me for not weighing in more on the USA hoops squad’s path to the World Championships. That’s what they’re contesting in Turkey, right? The emergence of Durant. Coach K deep sixing our homie. Etc, etc. I’m sure I’ll tune in […]