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Wildcats Almost Perfect in Bahamas

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER Six exhibition games in eight days proved to be grueling even for a University of Kentucky basketball team that boasts nine McDonald’s All-Americans, and seasoned veterans such as the Harrison twins and Alex Poythress. The Wildcats were 5-0 going into the final game of their Big Blue Bahamas trip on Sunday. They […]

Pacers Forward Suffers Horrible Leg Break

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER The situation was eerily reminiscent to March 31, 2013. The arena fell silent. Players and coaches alike fell to their knees or covered their faces in shock. Coach K watched from the sidelines. And a player laid on his back with his leg broken in two as the medical staff rushed to […]

Peyton Siva & Josh Harrellson Released by Pistons

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER Much to the disappointment of Louisville and Kentucky fans alike, the Detroit Pistons released Peyton Siva and Josh Harrellson from their roster on Monday. Both players were adored by their respective colleges for over-achieving and having likeable personalities, but they were also both second-round picks who had a lot of proving themselves […]

Russ Smith is a Pro

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER Russ Smith has done it again. The undersized and overlooked kid from Brooklyn has defied the odds placed against him, and is now a New Orleans Pelican in the NBA. When Russ was a tiny freshman with an injured ankle, and was the backup for Elisha Justice, exactly no one thought, “that […]

Shoni Schimmel to the Atlanta Dream

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER Louisville might have a new favorite WNBA team: the Atlanta Dream. In 2009, U of L legend Angel McCoughtry was the No. 1 overall pick by Atlanta. Last night, they added another Cardinal legend to their roster when they selected Shoni Schimmel as the eighth pick in the WNBA draft. The thought […]

Props to Kevin Ollie

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER On Jan. 18, when Louisville played Connecticut for the first time in what would end up being a series of thrashings, I watched Huskies’ head coach Kevin Ollie throw a temper tantrum over a controversial call. After Ollie was ejected and gave the refs a stare-down that could turn someone to stone, […]

Thanking Russ

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER It all started with Preston Knowles. He’s the first player that I remember becoming attached to like no one else before him. Once I got old enough to truly appreciate what it takes to endure the wrath that is being a college athlete, I loved and respected guys like Luke Whitehead, Taquan […]

A Little Game Day Wisdom

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER When Louisville and Kentucky played each other in the 2012 Final Four, the game tipped off at 2am in the country where I was living at that time.  After fueling myself with a magical elixir that both made time go by quicker and calmed my nerves (beer), I found a poor-quality stream […]

The Madness is Upon Us

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER Ah yes, March Madness. It’s like the third Christmas of the year behind only Christmas itself and Derby. It’s the source of some of the greatest joys, but also the greatest sorrows, and only one team gets to bask in that blissful glory that comes with winning the national championship. One of […]

Four Thoughts on the Past Week of Basketball

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER A lot of stuff just happened. Cards fans got to enjoy a week of pure bliss, as the AAC Tournament went as well as it could have. Then Selection Sunday came around and was a huge buzzkill. Here’s a few thoughts about the first week of March Madness: 1. I’ve never been […]