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Sunday Morning PG: Covering a Wide World of Sports

I ran into former Cardinal pigskinner Pete Compise yesterday at the Yum! Of course, we chatted about the tumultuous but glorious last ten days. I asked if, back when he played in the late 60s, he could have conceived of the school’s station in the world of college sports, if he could have conceptualized playing […]

Tuesday Sports Update: A Little of This & Some of That

Anybody out there watching Celtic take on Barcelona in a Champions League match at Camp Nou? Didn’t think so. Surprisingly, Celtic is up early, 1 nil. But you really really don’t care, right? I’ll move on. * * * * * Despite all the negative tests, Lance Armstrong did take performance enhancing drugs, it seems. […]

Monday Musings: Devils, On the Diamond, In Group D & Mo’

Let’s start with a shout out to my Detroit Tigers. They played three one-run games against the Reds this weekend in Cincy, winning two. Last night they came back big in the top of the 8th with an improbable shellacking of Aroldis Chapman. Hopefully it will provide impetus for a rejuvenation. Detroit’s been falling in […]

Hump Day Hoops & Hockey Hooey

Let’s start with the Continental Drift, which in its most common usage refers to the shifting of the earth’s continents in relation to each other across the ocean bed. You know, tectonic plates and all that stuff. For me it’s Tony Parker’s signature move. That it is homage to Francois Hollande makes sense. Parker, we’re […]

I’m Still Here: Sunday’s Snarls & Snippets

Yes, my loyal readers, I’m still around. Just kind of hit the wall after the Final Four. Misplaced my muse. Had an early season slump, to use baseball lingo. (Though nothing like the BoSox sputtering start. Beantowners aren’t jumping off Fanueil Hall’s tower . . . yet . . . reports my on the scene […]

FFFFinest Sports Week of the Year???

It’s a rhetorical question, that title that has lured you into my lair. But a legitimate one nonetheless. Among the happenings this fine week: Final Four Weekend. Now there are those college hoops fans who believe the start of practice in October is bigger. For others it’s that national signing day when we see John […]

Yoo Hoo, NBA and NFL, Knockoff the Lockouts, please!

What a pity that major league baseball and the National Hockey League don’t have labor agreements coming to an end this season. Then we’d have a clean sweep of intransigent owners and overvalued players picketing and firing polemics at each other. If MLB locks out McCourt in LA, we might be able to get a […]

McIlroy & Mavericks = Patience & Perseverance

Okay, it’s not like golfdom’s flavor of the month, w√ľnderkind Rory McIlroy, really waited that long to break through. Unless, of course, you started your countdown when, as legend has it, he hit a forty yard drive . . . at the tender age of two. Really, he’s been on the average sports fan’s mind, […]

Lord Stanley’s Game VII: Canucks Host Bruins Tonight

Addled minds think alike. Fellow hockey fan (and writer) Christopher Hall commented on — you know where — that’s right, Facebook, that the NHL Finals series reminded him of the ’60 World Series. That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking, I thought when I read it. Then Tony Kornheiser made the same observation on PTI. When […]

Heat, Headbands & Hosers Hosed: Tuesday’s Tidbits

What lessons did I learn from Breakfast at Roland Garros on Sunday morn? For one, Phil Knight remains the real King of Sports. (Take that LeBronBron!) There were more swooshes about than on Jay Cardosi’s weather map with one of those Grateful Dead t-shirt storms coming through. But seriously. The real take away is that […]