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Friday’s Fahrenheit: Fishing, Federer & Folderol

There are sports I watch where my allegiances are firm and of long standing. I don’t root against my Louisville Cardinals. Or the Detroit Tigers, Lions, Red Wings or Pistons. Or Barcelona. Or the Hotspur. Or Kobayashi. Or Miss Madison. Then there are those competitions when none of the above are involved and I pick […]

The Fourth: Wieners, Wimbledon, Woods & Wheeling through Gaul

(Seedy Slog Note, pre-posting: I planned on having this up before noon, this Independence Day. Well, you can tell I didn’t make it. Sooooo, from the get go, I can report that Joey Chestnut repeated at Coney Island and is now six time champ. But I’ll post this as if it didn’t happen . . […]

Holiday Sports Report: Slogging thru Summer Sludge

FYI. I was going to use the portmanteau “splogging” instead of the “slogging” you see in the header. Then a quick google check — Yes, I actually research from time to time — taught me that the term “splog” refers to a spam blog, an internet site set up just to direct you to commercial […]

Mea Culpa Monday & Much, Much More

If you are a Fan of my Facebook page — and if you don’t “Like” it, why the hell not? — you should have already noticed that I posted in the comment section some serious and heartfelt apologia for misdirected sniper shots fired in yesterday morning’s screed. Among the random shots I fired and which […]

Seedy K’s Sports Sunday: Snippets & Sniper Shots

I’m sssssssssssssizzlin’ already. Lets’ get this party started. Ready, aim . . . Name Game. Let’s do Tiger. Tiger, Tiger bo biger bonana fana fo figer/ Fe fi mo figer, Tiger The telecast of the US Open’s final round is just hours away. And I’m looking for some help here. My supposition is that Tiger […]

Well Now, Where Were We?

Okay, I survived 11 days in New Orleans, including way too much talk about Bountrygate on the sports pages. And you, if you’re reading this, survived Derby and have enough faculties left to remember how to surf over here to Score. So, like, you know, what’s been happenin? Well, Luke Hancock proved himself worthy of […]

Tuesday Titterings: Smith, Jones & Others

A little of this and a little of that: I don’t care that Terrence Jones had a flotilla of media types following along. I thought it kinda neat that he kept his promise and brought flowers to the U of L cheerleader he pummeled while chasing a loose ball in the NCAA semis. Maybe it […]

FFFFinest Sports Week of the Year???

It’s a rhetorical question, that title that has lured you into my lair. But a legitimate one nonetheless. Among the happenings this fine week: Final Four Weekend. Now there are those college hoops fans who believe the start of practice in October is bigger. For others it’s that national signing day when we see John […]

Sunday Sniping: Zebras Run Amok, Tennis Transcendence, Tiger Rocked

Here’s an old saw I haven’t talked about for awhile. Too many of the “elite” college referees are doing too many games. I just turned on the telly and caught the last couple seconds of Notre Dame’s impressive road W at UConn, which started at noon today (Sunday). And whom did I see under the […]

Thursday Thrashings: Cats, Cards, Hotspur & Other Stuff

State of the Cardinals. It is comforting to know that I’m not the only Louisville Cardinal fan thinking big picture after the Tuesday thrashing at Providence. More than a few U of L faithful have also gone apocalyptic. Another commitment kept me from the women’s scintillating comeback W last night over South Florida. I am […]