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Seedy K’s Scintillating Selections: Week X

I shoulda known it wasn’t going to be one of my better weeks from the get go. Florida State is on the verge of coming back on N.C. State in the last minute for the second straight year. They’re chewing up yardage like my new beloved Abbey the Circus Dog at the dinner bowl. Then […]

Seedy K’s Scintillating Selections: Week VIII

Woooooooooooooooooo! Kerthunk! Splat! Maybe it was the S.E.C. — Securities & Exchange Commission, not Mike Slive’s Southeastern Conference — telling me they were ready to charge me with violations of 12(b)(5) for trading with insider info. Perhaps it was The Great Prognosticator In The Sky’s way of saying, “Seedy K, enough is enough. Your record […]

Report Card Tuesday: Bledsoe, Kanter, Pearl, NCAA Flunk; Dieng Incomplete

The Birmingham paper is reporting an apparent discrepancy in Eric Bledsoe’s Algebra grades. Imagine our surprise. Seems he got an A, which made him barely eligible to play last season at UK. But his average scores indicate he should have only received a C. Which would have made him ineligible. Hmmmm. Guess that villain Pete […]

Louisville Hoops Recruiting, Nike v. Adidas, Schnellenberger’s Gamble & More

When The Rick hired Tim Fuller as his main recruiter, he did so in hopes of a bump of recognition among the future Dickie V Diaper Dandies. I’ve now had two observers close to hoops recruiting tell me that even Pitino is stunned at Fuller’s worth. The guy is connected. The Cards are bringing in […]

Seedy K’s Super Sunday Sports Snippets

I want New Orleans to win because it’s my favorite city. I want Indianapolis to win because Peyton Manning is the most exquisitely performing QB I’ve seen. I want New Orleans to win because New Orleans JazzFest is one of my favorite things to do in life. I want Indianapolis to win because it’s as […]

Bowl Finale: Don’t Forget to put Roses on My Grave

Oh, the infamy. Oh the ignominy. Oh the . . . ignorance to not pick the Crimson Tide. Just yesterday, when Joey the Vig called to taunt and tantalize me (and try to reach his slippery palms into my pocket for mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money), I fantasized about the perfect scenario. “24-21. That’s […]

Hook ‘Em Horns, Or How It’s Come To Pass That I Care About BCS

I’m in the deep doo doo now. Nobody’s ragged on the absurdity of the BCS more than me. “National Championship” — Feh! But now, all of sudden, I’m locked in. It matters. My day until kickoff shall be restless and discontent. And full with cleaning off the walk. If Texas wins tonight, or loses by […]

Bowl Prognostication 101: Stayin’ Alive

So, guess who I hear from on the first working day of the new decade? That’s right, Joey the Vig. “Yo, Mr. Seedy K, Mr. Big Shot Sports Expert, Mr. Throw In The Towel Without Figuring Out All the Permutaions, whaddya whaddya?” “Joey, you got my money. You probably spent it already. You want my […]

Joey the Vig Comes a Callin’

It’s the oddest thing. The phone ring is just different when my archest nemesis Joey the Vig is on the line. How do that work? “Yo, Mr. Seedy K, Mr Picked A Bunch of Winners During the Regular Season, Mr. Fashions Himself Some Kind of King of Football Experts, Mr. Hotshot Who Thinks He Can […]

Real Issues — Weighin’ In

Whodathunkit? There are a couple of legit ruminations these days where our values as a society must be balanced with actual action on the field of endeavor. Both of which are vexations. One is what to do with Michael Vick? Anybody who has ever had a dog or petted a dog has to think twice […]