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It’s That Time: Joey the Vig’s “Associates” Pay a Visit

Because I was expecting a package from UPS, I didn’t look through the peephole in my front door, before opening it. My bad. There stood two swarthy fellows, overdressed for the local humiditure in black polyester suits straight off the racks at Billy Big Deal’s Bargain Basement. They were shvitzing like the oink at a […]

Seedy K Sounds Off On Sports Tuesday

I’m not sure we learned much about the current state of college football from the most boring bowl season in memory. Other than Clemson’s single digit W in the battle of the Death Valleys, the Hook Em Horns late comeback against the Beavers, The Potato Eaters Vegas W over UDub and Arizona’s nailbiter over Nevada, […]

Seedy K’s Pithy Prognostications: Week V

As with life itself, matters on the gridiron tend to even out. Today there is yin. Tomorrow, yang. (Except when fake refs are monitoring games in the NFL, which, as of this writing, they still are.) I was 9-1 after the first two weeks of the season. I thought it would last. Silly me. I […]

Trouble Lurks: The Kid Hits Skids In Vig’s Bowl Pool

Joey, I’m so sorry/ Oh can you hear me?/ Joey, I’m so sorry/ Oh can you hear me?/ Joey, I’m so/ Joey, I’m so sorry Joey, Baby/ Don’t get crazy/ Detours, Fences/ I get defensive. Or to quote FDR, another American almost as famous as whoever wrote those Concrete Blonde and Sugarland tunes, “This is […]

Joey the Vig’s Revenge: Wide Left, Wide Right, Quack!

I doubt if any of you have been paying any attention whatsoever to my bowl picks this year. (With the exception of Badger Billy, who is watching with a magnifying glass, and Joey the Vig himself, whom I will get to in a moment.) Suffice it to say, they have not been as astute as […]

The Vig Report: Thundering Herd Carry Kid To Top

Revised 12/21 10:00 There has been no word from Joey the Vig this week. It’s a good thing. His local henchmen were spotted buying Christmas gifts at the Family Dollar Store. Which surprises me, since you’d think a man of Joey the Vig’s stature, with his necessity for privacy and loyalty, would compensate his “associates” […]

Seedy K’s Pithy Picks: Week III

So, here’s how close I came to having a perfect slate last weekend: a wafer-thin 1/2 yard. If Mississippi State QB bulls his way into the end zone on that last play against Auburn, I go 5-0. Sigh, the vagaries of trying to nostradamus the future. That disappointment notwithstanding, the kid did rebound for a […]

Daily Briefing: Sunday 8/28 (Killing Time till Kickoff)

Using my pal Bruce’s method of counting days, it’s 3 days and wake up until kickoff. * * * * * Unfortunately I did not make it out to see #1 U of L skunk UCLA, 2 zed, in the season’s soccer opener. (It was Saturday Night Datenight. The Film Babe and I took in […]

Ultimate Frisbee Origins Confirmed, Another Louisville First

According to WikiPedia, Ultimate Frisbee was invented by a group of Columbia High School students in Maplewood, New Jersey in 1968. As members of the 1962 J.M. Atherton H.S. Frisbee Squad have know for decades, Wiki is wrong. Now there is, as attorney’s would say, demonstrative evidence, proving beyond peradventure that the Rebels were their […]

Saturday’s Pigskin Putdown: Joey the Vig Wins Again

Joey the Vig calls. I listen. I know better than to ignore his entreaties. Visits from his “pals” Sal and Vito are less than fun. So, Joey called, reminded me that the deadline for his bowl pool was that day. And, admonishing me not to avoid him . . . well . . . his […]