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Sunday Sound Off: The Full Manti & Much More

Here’s some perspective, Louisville Cardinal faithful, on yesterday’s home L to Syracuse. Fourteen teams in the Top 25 lost last week. And that doesn’t include not-in-Top-25 Wisconsin, who gave a Top 10 performance in Bloomington before going Bottom 150 in a loss to Iowa. It’s conference play time. So much fun it is. * * […]

There will be Blue (In the Stands) & It’s U of L’s Fault

When this annual rivalry game is played, there are always fans from the visiting school who manage to find their way into the arena. When Louisville plays in Rupp, there’s some red, but it’s a smattering. I’ve been there once for the game, DeJuan Wheat’s and Jason Osborne’s first as Cardinals, the year the tilt […]

Thursday Dispatch: Pigskin Idiocy, The Dieng Thang & Mo’

There are reasons why Lance Guidry has been passed over twice in his desire to be head football coach at Western Kentucky. None of them, by the by, is Bobby Petrino, to whom the Toppers, setting aside ethics and morality, have chosen to be their next coach. The most obvious reasons Guidry’s been passed over […]

Sunday Morning PG: Covering a Wide World of Sports

I ran into former Cardinal pigskinner Pete Compise yesterday at the Yum! Of course, we chatted about the tumultuous but glorious last ten days. I asked if, back when he played in the late 60s, he could have conceived of the school’s station in the world of college sports, if he could have conceptualized playing […]

Tuesday Tidbits: The Beat Goes On

Some anathemas never go away. Yesterday I ate lunch with a bunch of fellows, U of L fans all, except for John, who likes the Cards but favors blue a bit more. Soon enough the conversation got around to comparing column inches of Courier-Journal coverage between you know who(m) and you know who(m). Of course, […]

Sports Sunday: Clearing Off The Desk Before Kickoff

Yes, friends, we are but days away from that time of year that SEC commish Mike Slive likes to call Moneyball. College football, and soon thereafter the game played by the play for more pay guys, are bout to kickoff. Not soon enough if you ask me. (Though my Tigers are neck and neck with […]

Seedy K’s Sports Sunday: Snippets & Sniper Shots

I’m sssssssssssssizzlin’ already. Lets’ get this party started. Ready, aim . . . Name Game. Let’s do Tiger. Tiger, Tiger bo biger bonana fana fo figer/ Fe fi mo figer, Tiger The telecast of the US Open’s final round is just hours away. And I’m looking for some help here. My supposition is that Tiger […]

Monday Musings: Devils, On the Diamond, In Group D & Mo’

Let’s start with a shout out to my Detroit Tigers. They played three one-run games against the Reds this weekend in Cincy, winning two. Last night they came back big in the top of the 8th with an improbable shellacking of Aroldis Chapman. Hopefully it will provide impetus for a rejuvenation. Detroit’s been falling in […]

You Got Questions, I Got . . .

Louisville sports fans know I’m a life long U of L fan. Louisville sports fans know I’ve got this blog — which gives me the appearance of being in the know, if not the reality of same — in which space, I pontificate as if I know something about U of L sports. And other […]

Tuesday Titterings: Smith, Jones & Others

A little of this and a little of that: I don’t care that Terrence Jones had a flotilla of media types following along. I thought it kinda neat that he kept his promise and brought flowers to the U of L cheerleader he pummeled while chasing a loose ball in the NCAA semis. Maybe it […]