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A Message to Fans

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER One of the most eventful things that happened in the sports world over the weekend was that Oklahoma State sophomore Marcus Smart shoved Jeff Orr, a Texas Tech fan, during the Red Raiders’ upset of the Cowboys. Supposedly Orr said an extremely hateful racial slur at Smart, but part of playing on a […]

It Doesn’t Have To Be War

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER Dec. 28, 2013 was dubbed by many as “Cardmageddon.”  The annual Louisville-Kentucky basketball game would tip off in Rupp Arena at 4 p.m., and then Teddy Bridgewater and the football team would face Miami in the Russell Athletic Bowl at 6:45 p.m. That’s a lot for Cards fans’ brains, hearts, and livers […]

Louisville Football: Season on the Brink

These are heady times indeed for U of L Cardinal football. Coming off an amazing and unforseen Sugar Bowl victory over the Florida Gators. A legitimate Hesiman Trophy candidate playing QB. (But, please oh please, don’t call him Teddy Ballgame. There was really only one of those.) Highest preseason ranking . . . ever. Top […]

Louisville’s A College Sports Town: Latest Evidence

Two words. One name. Michael Dyer. If the name sounds vaguely familiar, but you’re having trouble placing it, you obviously are less obsessed than many local sports fans. As we are wont to say these days, rumors of Dyer’s possible matriculation at the University of Louisville have gone viral. All the web sites, all the […]

Sunday’s Baseline: Britannia Rules & Other Observations Of More Concern In These Colonies

Now that Dwight Howard has settled the really burning and oh so important question in sports, by eschewing the LA LA Lakers, and taking his talents to Houston to play for the Rockets, we can move on to some issues of lesser import. * * * * * Of all people, I’m thinking of Karl […]

Sunday Morning Snap Shots: Bucs, Bikes, Brooklyn Basketball & More

Well, we now know for sure which school is going to be the dark horse come autumn in the World’s Greatest Football League. Vanderbilt Commodores, come on down. A loyal reader, a former Louisvillian who now resides in Music City, hipped me to the story early yesterday morning, before it hit the national wires. Four […]

Okay, Let’s Talk NBA (& Other Thursday Sports Stuff)

I’ve been chastised by several loyal readers for my failure to track every moment of the NBA playoffs. So, as a tease, I was going to start today’s blog with something like: “Did you see the big game last night? How about Samoa’s boffo start against Fiji in the Rugby 7s Las Vegas consolation game?” […]

Sports Shorts Tuesday: T-Will, Titles & T-Bone

Branding is one thing. Brandishing, another altogether. Rick Pitino has used the former, advertising terminology, regarding his mission at U of L. As in “rebranding the program.” I hate such talk, but know what he means. Brandishing is what former Cardinal baller Terrence Williams has been charged with. As in waving a gun about in […]

Derby Week Sports Update From Afar

At this moment, I’m not in Louisville, but in New Orleans. I think you knew that. I’m drinking a Tuesday morning cup o’ joe, in a city that took its coffee seriously way before Seattle told us we must. Along with it, I’m enjoying a cinnamon scone, which contains significantly less than an ounce of […]

Thursday Throwdown: Swop, Smackdown, St. X & More

Got to start out with my man Swop. Forced to walk the plank off the Cruiser Cardinal by Cap’n Rick, Jared Swopshire swam to shore off Lake Michigan, landing in Evanston at Northwestern. Where he’s been toiling this season for the ever underperforming Wildcats under the mediocre tutelage of Bill Carmody. As I’ve mentioned probably […]