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Friday’s Follies, Starring . . .

. . . Rick Pitino, Drama Queen. . . . Chane Behanan, who apparently is now on a regimen of truth serum. So, The Rick, as he is so very wont to do, has prevaricated on exactly when we might see his power forward back in red & black. . . . Kevin Willard, who […]

Monday Morning QB: Looking For Some Relief

As in relief pitching. Of course, most of this is going to be about college football, with a begrudging tip o’ the hat to Tom Brady, but I’m a big Detroit Tigers fan, so a little musing on last night’s meltdown. Before the post-season started, I firmly believed that Detroit’s bullpen was going to prevent […]

Weekend Sports Favorites, Midday Sunday Edition

Favorite Quote of the Weekend. During the U of L Red/White Scrimmage II yesterday, they announced yet another of the plethora of Rick Pitino book signings during one of the timeouts. Sitting next to me, Howie Lindsay of Louisville Sports Report, or whatever it’s called these days, deadpanned, “Pitino’s got a new book out? Who […]

Sunday’s Sports Shorts: Football, Basketball, Refs +

For Once, Coach Cal Whiffs. By all accounts, Emmanuel Mudiay was a lock to be Kentucky’s next superduper PG in the season after the one upcoming. This year it will be the Harrison twins, should they become eligible, filling that role. Then, after they’ll surely move on to play for pay, Mudiay was The Annointed. […]

MMQB: My Man Miggey & Much More

I wanna party like it’s 1909. Which, if my research is correct, is when the Pirates and Tigers last met in the World Series. Which, if my research is correct, was the only time Detroit and Pittsburgh met in the World Series. Which, if my research is correct, means I don’t really want to party […]

Sunday Morning Snap Shots: Bucs, Bikes, Brooklyn Basketball & More

Well, we now know for sure which school is going to be the dark horse come autumn in the World’s Greatest Football League. Vanderbilt Commodores, come on down. A loyal reader, a former Louisvillian who now resides in Music City, hipped me to the story early yesterday morning, before it hit the national wires. Four […]

Monday Morning QB: A Lot of This, A Little of That

So, yesterday I couldn’t help but think of the somewhat famous Tennessee Williams’ quip: “There are but three cities in the United States. New Orleans, New York and San Francisco. All the rest is Cleveland.” Thinking of New York because of the justified hullabaloo about Hurricane Sandy and all the mess going on in the […]

Tuesday Sports Update: A Little of This & Some of That

Anybody out there watching Celtic take on Barcelona in a Champions League match at Camp Nou? Didn’t think so. Surprisingly, Celtic is up early, 1 nil. But you really really don’t care, right? I’ll move on. * * * * * Despite all the negative tests, Lance Armstrong did take performance enhancing drugs, it seems. […]

If Tigers Tank, I’m Toast

When exactly was last night’s nail biter over? Verlander, Coke, Delmon and Miggy had led my beloved Tigers to a Game 3 W over the hated Yankees in the ALCS, taking a 3 nil lead, and I was on the phone talking with my pal David, who is usually in bed and asleep by 9:00. […]