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Sunday’s Baseline: Britannia Rules & Other Observations Of More Concern In These Colonies

Now that Dwight Howard has settled the really burning and oh so important question in sports, by eschewing the LA LA Lakers, and taking his talents to Houston to play for the Rockets, we can move on to some issues of lesser import. * * * * * Of all people, I’m thinking of Karl […]

Monday Morning QB: Hoops & Pigskin (w/ Special Guest Appearances)

I daresay I’m not the only one who woke up this chilly morning and wondered to myself, “Where is Ron Cooper now?” Tell me true, you know you really want to know. Thanks to eagle-eyed reader Doc, I can confirm that the former U of L head coach is now Assistant Head Coach/ Secondary Coach […]

Tuesday Sports Update: A Little of This & Some of That

Anybody out there watching Celtic take on Barcelona in a Champions League match at Camp Nou? Didn’t think so. Surprisingly, Celtic is up early, 1 nil. But you really really don’t care, right? I’ll move on. * * * * * Despite all the negative tests, Lance Armstrong did take performance enhancing drugs, it seems. […]

The Fourth: Wieners, Wimbledon, Woods & Wheeling through Gaul

(Seedy Slog Note, pre-posting: I planned on having this up before noon, this Independence Day. Well, you can tell I didn’t make it. Sooooo, from the get go, I can report that Joey Chestnut repeated at Coney Island and is now six time champ. But I’ll post this as if it didn’t happen . . […]

Holiday Sports Report: Slogging thru Summer Sludge

FYI. I was going to use the portmanteau “splogging” instead of the “slogging” you see in the header. Then a quick google check — Yes, I actually research from time to time — taught me that the term “splog” refers to a spam blog, an internet site set up just to direct you to commercial […]

Him Again???: Musings of a Monday Morning QB

How can we miss him if he won’t stay away? The NFL isn’t even officially back in biz yet, and we’re already hearing the name of Brett Favre tossed about. To Philly as a back up? Somewhere else? What a revoltin’ develpment this is. Yo, Rick, two words: Willie Williams. I’m talking Rick Stansbury here, […]

Tour Tames the Alps, Or Vice Versa.

It is clear there is no world class athletic competition as arduous as the the Tour de France. None comes close. Nor is there any quite as cockamamie. Alberto Contador, defending champ, an almost certain also ran this year, having gotten trapped in a crash on Day One, made one last Herculean effort to grab […]

The Font, The Tour, The Open, The Forehead: Midsummer’s Thursday Musings

What Da Font? I’ve been reading the Courier-Journal first thing in the morning since I was in the 5th grade. Always the Sports Section first. Of course. Dean Eagle. Earl Cox. Earl Ruby. Johnny Carrico. Dave Kindred. Pat Forde. And the current crop of pros who give me my first dose of sports in the […]

Sunday Morning Sports: On the Climb, In the Record Book & a U-S-A W

Sunday morning summer sports isn’t just about Breakfast at Wimbledon any more. Because, well, that was so last week. There are worse ways to wake up than to the commentary of Phil Ligget and Paul Sherwen and the amorphous athleticism of the Peloton, chasing breakaway cyclists up an ancient French hillside. All on Versus HD. […]

Wednesday’s Whimpers: My Own Wintry Mix

Who was it the other day who used Anthony Grant as an example of a coach making a questionable “upward” move? Oh yeah, c’est moi. Well, the ‘Bama hoops mentor, after last night’s stunner over UK, is on top of those Alabama sports pages today. Unless, of course, Nick Saban had some recruits at the […]