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Scintillating Saturday Ends With Obstruction

On a football Saturday that kept me enthralled most all of the day, how odd that the key block of the day came at the hot corner in the only baseball game being contested. More on the Series later. First, a few random observations from my blessed recliner where I spent way too much of […]

Louisville Card File: South Florida

That’s right, Teddy Bridgewater was NOT the offensives star of the game. Deal with it. Dominique Brown was dominating. 125 yards on 18 carries. That’s 6.9 per carry. He may be turning into Bilal Powell after all. He also had 6 receptions — most on the team — for 61 more yards. Admittedly that latter […]

Friday’s Follies, Starring . . .

. . . Rick Pitino, Drama Queen. . . . Chane Behanan, who apparently is now on a regimen of truth serum. So, The Rick, as he is so very wont to do, has prevaricated on exactly when we might see his power forward back in red & black. . . . Kevin Willard, who […]

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week IX

Yes, if you haven’t noticed, my Cardinals lost. So too, UCLA, To the Cardinal, as a matter of fact. It was my first two loss weekend in a month. Mizzou prevailed as predicted, so too Florida State — Who were so nice, bashed Clemson they did, I’ll say ‘em twice: Florida State — and the […]

Tuesday’s Titters: B-Ball, Behanan, BCS & Bortles’ Sig Oth

As an olde time Cardinal fan, who actually saw U of L play games in the Jefferson County Armory, I’m always amazed and a might pissed that the current success is seen as something new and unprecedented. Yes, if Louisville should make it back to the Final Four this year — Operative word: “if” — […]

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week VIII

A lack of faith in former Big East member Syracuse, which bested NC State in a battle of mediocrity, left me with a blemish last week. Only one though. Because the Cards, Terps, Aggies and Ducks did win. 4-1 for the weekend leaves me with a glossy if I don’t say so myself 27-8 won/loss […]

Monday Morning QB: Looking For Some Relief

As in relief pitching. Of course, most of this is going to be about college football, with a begrudging tip o’ the hat to Tom Brady, but I’m a big Detroit Tigers fan, so a little musing on last night’s meltdown. Before the post-season started, I firmly believed that Detroit’s bullpen was going to prevent […]

Weekend Sports Favorites, Midday Sunday Edition

Favorite Quote of the Weekend. During the U of L Red/White Scrimmage II yesterday, they announced yet another of the plethora of Rick Pitino book signings during one of the timeouts. Sitting next to me, Howie Lindsay of Louisville Sports Report, or whatever it’s called these days, deadpanned, “Pitino’s got a new book out? Who […]

Louisville Card File: Rutgers

One word: Defense. DEEEEEEEE – FENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U of L registered 8 sacks, three by Marcus Smith. Plus 5 more QB hurries. Or, harassments. U of L notched 12 tackles for a loss. Roy Philon twice took down a Scarlet Knight behind the scrimmage line. The Scarlet Knights had 12 net yards rushing — that’s right, […]

Game Day Notes; But First, Hoops

Yes, sports fans, tonight’s game against Rutgers is U of L’s first important game of the season. Yes, I know, we care about UK, the Cardinals’ biggest rival always. But that game meant garnicht, as Gramps would say. U of L is playing for a spot in the limelight. The only chance it has for […]