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It Doesn’t Have To Be War

BY RACHEL SHULHAFER Dec. 28, 2013 was dubbed by many as “Cardmageddon.”  The annual Louisville-Kentucky basketball game would tip off in Rupp Arena at 4 p.m., and then Teddy Bridgewater and the football team would face Miami in the Russell Athletic Bowl at 6:45 p.m. That’s a lot for Cards fans’ brains, hearts, and livers […]

The Stakes of the Battle of the Bluegrass

BY CHRIS HAAS Kevin Ware, backup guard turned national hero, was not a fan of the “beat UK” chant that surfaced at the end of the Missouri State game on December 17th. He said: “It gets old; it’s boring. It’s just another game. Nobody’s from here except a couple guys on the team. We really […]

Sunday’s Sports Shorts: Football, Basketball, Refs +

For Once, Coach Cal Whiffs. By all accounts, Emmanuel Mudiay was a lock to be Kentucky’s next superduper PG in the season after the one upcoming. This year it will be the Harrison twins, should they become eligible, filling that role. Then, after they’ll surely move on to play for pay, Mudiay was The Annointed. […]

Random Thoughts on College Hoops’ Twists & Turns

It didn’t take long for one UK fan I know to recover from Tuesday night’s debacle in Moon Township. In an afternoon after email, containing a link to a story about Julius Randle’s commitment to the Big Blue, she exclaimed, “OMG! Happy days are here again.” If memory serves, I received a similar missive from […]

Sunday Morning PG: Some Play Smart, Some Don’t

If Kentucky fans think the dysfunction that plagues this year’s woefully immature squad couldn’t get any worse, I must disagree. It could have been. Think how the presence of Shabazz Muhammad might affect the chemistry of this edition of the Cats. In a game recently, UCLA beat UDub on a last second shot by Larry […]

Louisville Card File: Kentucky

A couple of important notes before I hit the details. I understand that Gorgui Dieng’s parents are not familiar with our ways in the Commonwealth. They don’t even speak English. Plus it’s hard to even comprehend the culture shock they must have felt in yesterday’s Yum! Center environment. Strangers in a strange land, they were. […]

Seedy K Sounds Off, Friday Edition: Hoops Hijinx & Pigskin Punditry

Yes, it’s 32 hours until tipoff and I’m so sure you’re waiting with baited breath for my position by position breakdown of tomorrow’s game. You know, Kentucky vs. Louisville? Here’s the deal. I’m doing my best to try not to think about it. By any measure, this would seem to be the Cardinals year to […]

Friday’s Final Shots: Sayonara Big East, Goodbye Willie, Whatup LA & More

Before moving on to other matters, let’s cue up Marty Glickman from the Gaaaaahhden. It’s time we must bid a sad adieu to the soon-to-be-yesterday’s-stale-bagel Big East, her intense rivalries, Dave Gavitt’s well-intentioned promise, her glory early spring days in the Garden, Big John with his shoulder towel vs. Little Louie in Macy’s ugliest sweater, […]

Bleary Eyed Hoops Marathon Aftethoughts

Of all the sights and sounds emanating from 24 hours of college hoops — of which I watched far too much — my favorite moment was the first sighting of St. John’s special assistant Gene Keady. The former mentor at Western Kentucky and Purdue is one of the nicest guys I’ve met in my short […]

Tuesday Morning in Hoopsylvania

I love the squeak of sneakers on hardwood in the morning. * * * * * UMass vs. Harvard. With eight minutes to play, they’re knotted at 54. The governor of the commonwealth — Commonwealth of Massachusetts, not Steve Beshear — is in the house. And I’m tuned in. Countin’ the minutes until that little […]