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Lefty (In The Open) & Chris (In the Tour): Deserving Champions

Instant Karma’s gonna get you/ Gonna look you right in the face. Early on in the final round of the British Open, Phil Mickelson, hit a less than stellar approach shot from the fairway. Obviously distraught, he mumbled to himself and his long-time caddy Bones, “That one’s on me. I blew the shot.” (Or something […]

Sunday Sports Shots: Lookin’ Down From Mont Ventoux, Mound Pitcher’s & PEDs

If you have been paying attention, you understand that I’ve become fascinated over the last couple of years with the Tour de France. Today, was the longest stage of this year’s edition, 150 miles or so, the last thirteen of which were up infamous Mont Ventoux. Not your normal Sunday morning Bastille Day ride around […]

Sunday’s Baseline: Britannia Rules & Other Observations Of More Concern In These Colonies

Now that Dwight Howard has settled the really burning and oh so important question in sports, by eschewing the LA LA Lakers, and taking his talents to Houston to play for the Rockets, we can move on to some issues of lesser import. * * * * * Of all people, I’m thinking of Karl […]

A Dozen Reasons Why I Love the Tour de France

1. It’s on in the morning when I get up. Which means I can watch a world class sports event while drinking my morning coffee and reading the paper. 2. The level of endurance and athleticism of the bicyclists is stunning. 3. The teamwork and strategy involved is seriously sophisticated. 4. Those stupid guys who […]

Sunday Morning Snap Shots: Bucs, Bikes, Brooklyn Basketball & More

Well, we now know for sure which school is going to be the dark horse come autumn in the World’s Greatest Football League. Vanderbilt Commodores, come on down. A loyal reader, a former Louisvillian who now resides in Music City, hipped me to the story early yesterday morning, before it hit the national wires. Four […]

Sunday Sound Off: The Full Manti & Much More

Here’s some perspective, Louisville Cardinal faithful, on yesterday’s home L to Syracuse. Fourteen teams in the Top 25 lost last week. And that doesn’t include not-in-Top-25 Wisconsin, who gave a Top 10 performance in Bloomington before going Bottom 150 in a loss to Iowa. It’s conference play time. So much fun it is. * * […]

Sports Sunday: Clearing Off The Desk Before Kickoff

Yes, friends, we are but days away from that time of year that SEC commish Mike Slive likes to call Moneyball. College football, and soon thereafter the game played by the play for more pay guys, are bout to kickoff. Not soon enough if you ask me. (Though my Tigers are neck and neck with […]

Sports Sunday: British Edition + Bonus Stateside Stuff

As if to desensitize us to the plethora of shots of Big Ben we’ll be seeing in the weeks to come during coverage of the London Olympics, we were “treated” to an all Brit all the time weekend of sports. Two of the world’s great sporting events wound up today, one dominated by Brits, the […]

Monday’s Sports Musings

There’s a note sitting on my desk. It’s been here for several days. I’ve ignored it while frolicking at Forecastle. It reads “Death Penalty @ Penn State?” And, of course, while I procrastinated, the ever professional, more vigilant than myself, Rick Bozich weighed in this afternoon on the topic. With essentially the same thoughts that […]

Sunday’s Sports Slog with a Stiff Upper Lip

Riddle me this, ye poobahs who run Wimbledon. How come you keep the roof you built for just such instances open when it’s going to rain on center court? Or, like now when it is, uh, raining as I write with the Men’s Championship tied at a set a piece between Roger Federer and homie […]