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Curse in Cincinnati?

BY CHRIS HAAS The Cincinnati Bengals haven’t won a playoff game since 1990, the longest streak in the NFL. It appeared the stars had finally aligned for the playoff-win hungry Bengals last Sunday, when they hosted the sixth-seeded San Diego Chargers at Paul Brown Stadium. Here’s why Marvin Lewis and company should have won: -They […]

The Brandon Phillips Saga

BY CHRIS HAAS In the middle of the 2013 MLB season, Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips criticized ownership for telling him they didn’t have the funds to extend his contract, only to turn around and give first baseman Joey Votto one of the largest contracts in the history of the game. He used some harsh […]

Scintillating Saturday Ends With Obstruction

On a football Saturday that kept me enthralled most all of the day, how odd that the key block of the day came at the hot corner in the only baseball game being contested. More on the Series later. First, a few random observations from my blessed recliner where I spent way too much of […]

Monday Morning QB: Looking For Some Relief

As in relief pitching. Of course, most of this is going to be about college football, with a begrudging tip o’ the hat to Tom Brady, but I’m a big Detroit Tigers fan, so a little musing on last night’s meltdown. Before the post-season started, I firmly believed that Detroit’s bullpen was going to prevent […]

Weekend Sports Favorites, Midday Sunday Edition

Favorite Quote of the Weekend. During the U of L Red/White Scrimmage II yesterday, they announced yet another of the plethora of Rick Pitino book signings during one of the timeouts. Sitting next to me, Howie Lindsay of Louisville Sports Report, or whatever it’s called these days, deadpanned, “Pitino’s got a new book out? Who […]

Game Day Notes; But First, Hoops

Yes, sports fans, tonight’s game against Rutgers is U of L’s first important game of the season. Yes, I know, we care about UK, the Cardinals’ biggest rival always. But that game meant garnicht, as Gramps would say. U of L is playing for a spot in the limelight. The only chance it has for […]

Sunday’s Sports Shorts: Football, Basketball, Refs +

For Once, Coach Cal Whiffs. By all accounts, Emmanuel Mudiay was a lock to be Kentucky’s next superduper PG in the season after the one upcoming. This year it will be the Harrison twins, should they become eligible, filling that role. Then, after they’ll surely move on to play for pay, Mudiay was The Annointed. […]

MMQB: My Man Miggey & Much More

I wanna party like it’s 1909. Which, if my research is correct, is when the Pirates and Tigers last met in the World Series. Which, if my research is correct, was the only time Detroit and Pittsburgh met in the World Series. Which, if my research is correct, means I don’t really want to party […]

Sunday’s Sports Shorts: Are You Ready For Some . . .

Uh, before we get to what is really America’s favorite sport, a quick mention of the National Pastime. Atlanta has won 9 of its last 10. The Braves have surged to a commanding 11 1/2 advantage in the NL East over Washington’s “We’re the ’27 Yankees” Nationals. Meanwhile, in the AL Central, my Detroit Tigers […]

Sunday Sports Shots: Lookin’ Down From Mont Ventoux, Mound Pitcher’s & PEDs

If you have been paying attention, you understand that I’ve become fascinated over the last couple of years with the Tour de France. Today, was the longest stage of this year’s edition, 150 miles or so, the last thirteen of which were up infamous Mont Ventoux. Not your normal Sunday morning Bastille Day ride around […]