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Monday Morning QB: Techsters, Pacers, Bowlers & More

There is something so . . . well . . . fresh, I guess would be the descriptor, about locking into college baseball’s post-season. At least, for me. I spent seven years matriculating on the Belknap Campus, and, though a huge sports fan, never once sauntered over to Parkway Field for a Cardinal baseball game. […]

Ten Reasons To Stay Home Saturday

Chips? ✔ Dip? ✔ Crudités (Eat at least one little carrot and piece of cauliflower, so you can dupe yourself into thinking  you’re eating healthy.) ✔ Beverages chilled? ✔ Impellizzeri’s on speed dial? ✔ These, my fellow hoopaholics, are not supplies for Super Sunday. The avocados will have to wait another day before they become […]

New Year’s Day Noogies (And a little Nougat too)

Noogie. To the Courier-Journal sports page editors. Perhaps I shouldn’t be quite so unrelenting while continually pointing out the foibles and follies of the C-J’s sports page, which has become an almost daily example of bad editing. After all, I make a lot of editing mistakes myself, not to mention errors of grammar and spelling. […]

Tuesday Tidbits: Irish, Angel & The Rick on Gun Control

Notre Dame is headed to the ACC. In all sports except football. Of course. Because the Fighting Irish, for some unfathomable reason, remain a singular, untouchable presence that is hard to imagine even in an out of kilter sport like college pigskin. The move will come sooner or later, depending on variables including moves by […]

Friday’s Final Shots: Sayonara Big East, Goodbye Willie, Whatup LA & More

Before moving on to other matters, let’s cue up Marty Glickman from the Gaaaaahhden. It’s time we must bid a sad adieu to the soon-to-be-yesterday’s-stale-bagel Big East, her intense rivalries, Dave Gavitt’s well-intentioned promise, her glory early spring days in the Garden, Big John with his shoulder towel vs. Little Louie in Macy’s ugliest sweater, […]

Sunday Morning QB: Strong Rumors Rampant +

Frankly I found it odd that U of L’s football team and Coach Charlie Strong weren’t paraded onto the court at one of the many timeouts yesterday at the Yum! during the Illinois State basketball game. Actually, disconcerting is a more apt descriptor. The rumor du jour is that Strong interviewed for the Tennessee job. […]

Thursday’s Tidbits: Cleaning Off My Desk

Last night I experienced the oddest feeling. So odd was it I almost called EMS. While watching the finale of the Made For TV Big Ten/ ACC Showdown, I found myself actually rooting for . . . Duke. Frankly, though unexpected, it was not totally inexplicable. One, I dislike Ohio State — yes, even more […]

Black Saturday > Blue Monday > Wunderbar Wednesday

The only people around today who haven’t talked exclusively about U of L’s invite to the ACC are Diane Rehm and my piano teacher, Chris Bizianes. He should know better. He played in the Cardinal Pep Band during the halcyon days of the 80s. Shame on him. Rehm is excused. Her national radio talk show […]