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Louisville Card File: Houston (Boffo Music Video Included)

What strikes me most about U of L’s steady as she goes 20-13 victory over Houston is how practical it was. On the season, Louisville’s ratio of rushing attempts to passing attempts has been just about even. 343 ground assaults vs. 321 air attacks. Last night, when it became obvious that the Cougars defensive schemes […]

Rumor & Innuendo: Snider A Cardinal After All??????

The hottest topic this day among the local hoops recruiting cognoscenti is that Quentin Snider did not sign a LOI with Illinois. Brief history: The superprep Ballard guard had been committed to U of L since his inception, then withdrew that this past summer. After being wined and dined around the land, he made the […]

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week XII

I was hoping I might claim foul. Or, in this case more accurately, fowl. I was going to take my case to the enforcement authorities of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. I had good cause. Or, so my theory went. Duck season in these parts starts about now. Which, if also the case […]

Louisville Card File: Hofstra

Without a bit of shame, I advise I left last night’s game at the half. After I’d written in my notes: “THESE GAMES NOT FUN.” Watching the Cards maul Hofstra is simply, well, like I said, not fun. Even really early in the season when we still are getting to know the new players, and […]

Seedy K’s BasketBALLS: Chane, Chane, Chane

Those of you who took the under are flush today. Those of you who put your money on the way under can turn in your resignation, and enjoy your retirement. Chane Behanan is baaaaaaaack! I only missed his projected return date by a month. My first prediction was that he’d be back the game after […]

Monday Afternoon QB: Cream Rising To Top

I’m thinking about Harvey Updike. He’s the man-of-a-hundred-Bama-ballcaps Crimson Tide Überfan, whose enmity toward all things Auburn directed him toward the trees of Toomer’s Corner one dark night, with a supply of poison. For which addled transgression, a felonious act of flora homicide, Mr. Updyke spent some time in the hoosegow. Then, it is said, […]

Louisville Card File: UConn

If you are wondering why the delay in commenting on U of L’s dis-spirited 31-10 W over winless UConn Friday night, there’s a reason. No perspective would be legit until the results were in on last night’s Houston/ Central Florida game. Say what you will about what the Cards do on the field now, all […]

Louisville Card File: College of Charleston

At the second to last media timeout, with 7:36 to play, I turned to any of the press wags sitting nearby who were willing to listen to the rantings of a guy that’s been at it way too long and opined, “I’ve seen this game before. It’s going down to the last possession.” At 6:58 […]

Louisville Card File: UPike

Not sure exactly why Pikeville has rebranded itself UPike. Buuuuuuuuut, it that’s what they want that’s what I’ll call them. At least, until it’s Acme Coal UPike. * * * * * It is certainly a long shot for U of L to repeat as national champs. Tis a daunting task. That said, it is […]

Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Predictions: Week XI

So excited am I about the games upcoming, I’m going to speed through last weekend’s aftermath and get on with it. Three right. Two wrong. Season record: 37-13. What I’m reminded of yet again as I survey the bounty of key battles this week are the brickbats hurled U of L’s way when they wended […]