Seedy K’s Peerless Pigskin Prognostications: Week Lucky XIII

QBMuch of the pigskin planet was blindsided when the Trojans slayed the Cardinal of Stanford last weekend.

But not those who hang around here, where it was printed in advance that Stanford was goin’ down to Ed Orgeron’s resurgent Men o’ Troy.

Of course, I did overestimate the Phoenix-like characteristics of Texas — Bright Orange prevailed over Burnt Orange, not vice versa — but UCLA, Vandy and the Cards all won.

The 4-1 weekend, brings my season tally to 45 right, 15 wrong. 75% will do.

Got some big uns comin’ up this weekend. So, let’s get crackin’.

Pittsburgh @ Syracuse. West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen made an interesting comment recently. To paraphrase, he told his players they weren’t in the Big East anymore, where they could cruise. Now, with the Mountaineers in the Big 12, they need to bring it every week. Well, Pitt and ‘Cuse are similarly situated in the rising ACC. (As U of L will be next season, after a final year in the AAC, which it can’t win, even with the “best” team.) The Orange and the Panthers, which weren’t doing so hot in the BE, to be frank, remain suitably mediocre in their new confederation. Syracuse is 3-3 in the league; Pitt, 2-4. Both are 5-5 overall, thus, each needs a W in its last 2 games to secure a treasured “bowl-eligible”spot in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl or the AdvoCare V100 Bowl. (Actually that last one might just be some sort of vaccination or something.) Since both will probably be dogs in their respective finales, this is the week when they need to git ‘er done. The game will be contested in the Carrier, so I say the Dome Ranger will be ridin’ tall after the final gun goes off.

BYU @ Notre Dame. Shouldn’t this game be in Shreveport? You know, in the Poulan Weedeater Independence Bowl. Independence. Independents. Get it? Will the Morman Marching Tabernacle Choir travel to South Bend for the halftime show? Will Pope Francis be there? In the student section, of course, eschewing the trappings of a luxury box. Oh, a guy just wants to riff on the religiosity of a crusade featuring America’s leading squads without pigskin affiliation, which also happen to have serious religious connections. Mormons vs. Catholics. Epic, ya know. Both stand 7-3, though the Fighting Iriish have played a tougher schedule. But you can throw out the records when it comes to the Gipper’s Gang standing up for their interpretation of the scripture. Especially with TD Jesus watching over the proceedings. Bet against Notre Dame on this crisp South Bend Saturday? Fuhgettaboutit.

Baylor @ Oklahoma State. Of all the games of the century that have been contested thus far this season, this is liable to be the most exciting of all. Art Briles’ Bears are for real. First in the land in scoring, 7th in scoring defense. Okie State is pretty evenly balanced also, ranking 14th in both categories. Baylor’s slate is free from blemish. The Cowboys somehow slipped in Morgantown, but that’s it. The battle is in Stillwater, yet the visitors, so lofty has their rep become so fast, are more than a TD fave. Not only is Baylor good, but they play mean, so the PGST, which I haven’t mentioned in awhile, comes into play. Baylor is 2-15 in the House That T Boone Built. Yet this is the school’s  best team ever. Buuuuuuuuut . . . this is the biggest road game for them since, well, ever. Like I said, I love Baylor, but, but, but, but . . . will the Bears be chop blocked by Prime Time Syndrome? Eenie meenie . . . Okay, I’m flipping a coin. It came up tails. Okie State is thereby my “prognostication.”

Kentucky @ Georgia. Mark Richt’s football team is not bad, but is mighty frustrated. 6-4 overall. Ls in 3 of the Bulldogs’ last 4 league games, with only a W over floundering Florida. The season had a sour start when they lost to Clemson, and it’s never really gotten untracked. This is a team in need of a smackdown. Which means these Bulldogs will be frothing at the mouth when hapless Kentucky takes the field. The spread is 23 1/2. This one could get really ugly.

Memphis State @ Louisville. There are some questions about this game that need to be answered. None of them, however, have anything to do with the ordained outcome. Like, will this be Teddy Bridgewater’s final game ever in Papa J’s? All of sudden, there’s a murmur of hope among the Red & Black Faithful that U of L’s greatest QB ever might actually stay for his senior season. Like, will the WatchESPN3 app on smartphones and tablets be able to pick up the hoops game against Fairfield? There’s a significantly greater chance that the answer to #2 is yes, than the answer to #1. But, there is no chance that the Tigers beat U of L on Senior Day.

– Seedy K

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