Seedy K’s Basket BALLS: Sherm, Young’s Wacky Shot & Cal’s Cats

BALLSSomewhere The Sherm is ready to deliver a lesson to his charges.

The Sherm was a former U of L team manager in the Peck Hickman Era, basketball nut, and coach of my high school club’s team at the JCC. He didn’t take those duties lightly. Regular practices. Lengthy and routine lecture sessions in the weight room that were intense. (The Sherm’s loyalty was to the game and success. Not Mu Sigma. He was a mercenary. After my gang graduated, he jumped ship and moved on to coach a different club in the same league.)

Okay, enough of that. Here’s my point, which does have something to do with the b-ball talk talk du jour.

Among The Sherm’s many inviolate admonitions, the failure to follow which meant laps, such as “Don’t tip if you can’t dunk,” was this one.

“Never save a ball going out of bounds near the other team’s basket.”

Somewhere last night wherever he may be, The Sherm was pointing at the screen, yelling “See what can happen,” when UK’s James Young saved a ball bouncing out side court . . . right into Montevallo’s hoop.

Unless you’re ready for laps, don’t do this, kids. The Wrath of Sherm shall thunder down with terrible swift sword.

* * * * *

Several other thoughts, while on the subject of Kentucky Wildcat basketball.

1) That UK vs. Michigan State — the pre-season #1 vs. #2 — is the undercard for Kansas vs. Duke next Tuesday in that boffo doubleheader in Chitown is absurd.

2) Julius Randle is obviously a beast, deserving of all the accolades coming his way. But I am looking forward to seeing how he handles the double teams sure to come his way. He’s going to be making his patented move, the reverse pivot, and, unlike prep games, there’s going to be a defender standing right there at his back shoulder, waiting to take the charge.

3) The Wildcats can’t be judged until they’re playing with their starting point guard.

4) I wish Willie Cauley-Stein were starting center on my team.

5) One of my go to beliefs about college hoops is “Best players don’t always make the best team.” It’s going to be fascinating to see which of the many talents John Calipari has to work with end up as a cohesive unit in his rotation?

– Seedy K

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  1. fred
    Posted November 5, 2013 at 12:34 pm | Permalink

    Five players. One ball. It can be a problem. And it’s tough when those five players have to be thinking..HAVE to be thinking…about their number on draft night.

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