Scintillating Saturday Ends With Obstruction

tvwatchOn a football Saturday that kept me enthralled most all of the day, how odd that the key block of the day came at the hot corner in the only baseball game being contested.

More on the Series later.

First, a few random observations from my blessed recliner where I spent way too much of a nifty autumn day, clicker in hand, chips, cookies and beverage by my side.

* * * * *

Maybe it’s just me, but Bo Pelini, in his worn ballcap and gray sweats, with a wad of gum in his motoring mouth, with a vacuous look in his eyes, favors the the homeless guy who hangs out by the ice cooler outside the seedy convenience store down the street from my place.

Bo might be on his way to joining his twin.

Yesterday, his Huskers lost 23-34 to Minnesota, a Golden Gopher team without its head coach, who was sitting in the press box, hoping to avoid an epileptic fit. Nebraska had won 16 in a row in this series, with an average margin of 31.


The flip side is that I’m sure former Minnesota star Paul Giel is smiling from on high. Whose name I mention because he’s the only Minnesota star I remember from my youth.

* * * * *

kickerIt felt most odd rooting for Duke yesterday.

It was football though. A sport in which the Blue Devils have long been charming and relentless underdogs, much different from the elitist arrogance that is a not so charming character trait of their hoopster cohorts.

They beat the Hokies. In Blacksburg no less.

Duke 13, Virginia 10. Which means, the Cutcliffes have reached the magic status we like to call bowl eligibility. For the second season in a row. After sitting home post-season, every campaign before last year since ’94.

* * * * *

I’ll follow the team of Gus Johnson and Charles Davis anywhere.

Even to, gulp, Fox News. Which is where the late starting Texas Tech/ Boomer Sooner game ended up when World Series coverage started.

Fortunately, they didn’t take the opportunity to introduce blockers par excellence Hannity or O’Reilly from the booth during stoppages in play.

This was a great Big 12 battle, until Ooooooooooooooooklahoma finally took charge late.

With Gus Johnson in the booth, it was doubly exciting.

When the Red Raiders went for it on 4th & 2 from its own 45 late, with the play clock winding down, the camera panned to Texas Tech’s coach.

“Kliff Kingsbury. Icewater!,” exclaimed my favorite play by play guy.

Earlier, when Texas Tech had come from significantly behind to take the lead, in a sequence that included a gutsy onsides kick, Johnson ripped with one of his signature  lines: “We got a ballgame, folks, in Norman, Oklahoma.”

* * * * *

I’m not much for looking into the crystal ball. Hey, I have problems, taking care of business on a day to day basis.

But, if I were to opine which school might be the rising power in the next couple seasons, it would have to be Jim Mora’s UCLA Bruins.

They succumbed to the Quack — as most teams do these days — but played 18 real freshman. Including three on their O Line, the RG, RT and LG. Plus Miles Jack is the LB superstar of the future. Which future is fast becoming now.

And, in a trend of the day, Brent and Herbie and this game started out on ESPN News, because Maryland and Clemson were late to finish. Musburger invoked Bobby Bowden, calling a zesty fake Oregon punt, a “punterooski.”

* * * * *

pitcherI love post-season baseball, even when my Tigers are eliminated, and especially when two such even nines as the Red Sox and Cardinals are competing in the Series.

But it’s still difficult to click over to a baseball game on a football Saturday. The energy is so different, even if there’s in game tension in both. Baseball’s pace is so much less kinetic.

But I went to the national pastime late. Because it was a dandy being contested in St. Loooouie.

What an ending. The biggest block of the day regardless of sport came when BoSox third sacker Will Middlebrooks impeded Allen Craig after a bad throw to the hot corner. Craig’s was the winning run.

If Boston bounces back tonight, this will indeed be a Fall Classic.

– Seedy K

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