U of L Hoops: Chane Workin’ the Chain Gang

dunkcardBefore I commence this morning’s punditry, the bottom line.

I don’t know anything at all about the nature of Chane Behanan’s transgressions. I’ve heard the same rumors you have, but shan’t perpetuate the innuendo by repeating them.

Now, a return to our regularly scheduled BS.

Back in the day, there were ways to tell that autumn had arrived, other than the weather. New car models would be revealed, and we’d marvel at those tail fins. Network television was still relevant, and a new season of shows would commence.

Even soap operas.

Which is what Louisville Cardinal basketball has been like in the Era of You Know Who. (Hint: He’s got a new book out. There’s a signing on your block. Check your neighborhood newsletter for time and address.)

Another basketball season.

Another soap opera season for “Rick’s House of Cards.”

Chane Behanan, for the second season in a row, the first major plot line is yours.

Rick Pitino, an incredible basketball coach, deservedly in the Hall of Fame, is however such a Drama Queen, it’s always hard to tell how serious any matter such as this really is.

When you process all verbiage about the timing of Kevin Ware’s return this season, doesn’t the name David Padgett come to mind?

When you hear the coach use the word “indefinitely,” doesn’t his medical leave for unrevealed ailments several seasons back come to mind?

Pitino is never shy about using the media to make a point, to discipline a player. Even for minor matters. It’s one of his less endearing traits.

Which is why it is impossible to tell how serious are Behanan’s actions? On the one hand, he is out of Minardi Hall. (Has he been moved to another dorm, or is he living in a friend’s car?) On the other, he is still in Ray Ganong’s weight room, even if he is forbidden from practice.

So, those who have twittertweeted that he’ll be back by the presumed game with Carolina have history on their side.

I’ve said it before, and I repeat. I hate this soap opera aspect of the Pitino Era. It’s always there, even at the beginning of last year’s magical season.

On the other hand, on the day of U of L’s biggest football game of the pigskin campaign, the Behanan Saga is the surest sign that Louisville Cardinal basketball is back.

* * * * *

I understand the privacy rules and all that.

But I must observe that players being disciplined like Chane Behanan might be better served if the public knew the nature of the violations. Operative word: “might.”

In this time of social media, rumor morphs to “fact” in a matter of nanoseconds.

It’s not a good thing.

– Seedy K

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  1. Marty
    Posted October 18, 2013 at 8:15 pm | Permalink

    The bad thing about social media is this story (naturally) becomes a big one, a soap opera, something everyone’s talking about.

    The good thing about the 24/7 news chatter of today is, by time Chane (hopefully) returns, after a few games, it will be yesterday’s news, and everyone will be talking about something else.

    I think Coach P not reading newspapers or being in touch with social media helps him as a coach and recruiter, although I don’t think he realizes the full-scope of chatter a move like this creates in this day and age of Twitter and blog posts.

    I do think he cares about Chane Behanan as a person, and I think he has Chane’s best interests in mind. He wants that kid to succeed. If Chane is not playing basketball this winter, I think things could get worse for him. He needs basketball, and Louisville needs him. I hope it all works out and he’s back on the team sooner than later. He’s my favorite player.

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