Louisville Card File: Rutgers

cardfootballOne word: Defense.

DEEEEEEEE – FENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U of L registered 8 sacks, three by Marcus Smith. Plus 5 more QB hurries. Or, harassments.

U of L notched 12 tackles for a loss. Roy Philon twice took down a Scarlet Knight behind the scrimmage line. The Scarlet Knights had 12 net yards rushing — that’s right, a dozen total — on 27 run attempts.

U of L grabbed four picks, one each by the marvelous James Burgess, Calvin Pryor, Terrell Floyd and Hakeem Smith. Rutgers QB Gary Nova had four interceptions on the season, coming into the game.

Speaking of Pryor, he tallied fourteen tackles, 11 unassisted. Huge effort.

Rutgers converted only 3 of 13 third down attempts. (But did get 3 of 4 fourth downs.)

The Cards only major defensive lapses came late in the second quarter.

JT Tartacoff was wide open on a 4th and 3 at the U of L 27, giving the visitors a first and goal at the one. Trickeration worked. Tyler Croft was just as open in the endzone for the score on the next play for Rutgers only TD. No trickeration, just blown coverage.

* * * * *

On the other side of the ball, Louisville gave a workmanlike, acceptable if unexceptional effort.

We are so used to seeing Teddy B perform almost to perfection that when, like last night, he’s a bit off his feed, we wonder what’s the matter?

Well, he’s human, you know. And was probably a bit nervous with all the pro scouts filling every nook and cranny of the press box. (Including a fellow representing the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL.)

Teddy B hit only 67% of his tosses, for a couple of TDs. But he threw a pick on a way off target pass into the endzone. And led Damien Copeland out of bounds on a sure TD toss, when there wasn’t a defender within a time zone of the wideout. The possession subsequently bogged down, and Wallace missed a 45 yard FG.

 The Cards most efficient drive of the evening was their last. Five plays, 60 yards, TD on a short pass to Rogers. With 2:27 to play, the lead was insurmountable.

But there was Perry’s fumble and the blindside sack of Bridgewater in the Red Zone and that blocked FG and that endzone interception, all of which deducted offensive style points for the Thursday Night ESPN crew. I’m on record of hating that fade pass to the corner of the endzone, though, with Parker at the receiving end to outjump the D Back for the ball, it’s been working. But DeVonte was on the bench — contrary to what I incorrectly advised would be the situation — and the play didn’t work on U of L’s first drive. So they settled for three.

For some reason, Louisville’s running game doesn’t seem to pass the eye test for me. Even though last night’s stats were acceptable if not anything special.

* * * * *

John Wallace kept pooching the ball on kickoffs.

At first I thought it was the result of the generally poor special teams coverage that has plagued Louisville all season.

Which might have been part of the reason. But it must be noted that Rutgers Janarion Grant ran one back 100 yards for a score earlier in the season. And his sidekick Quron Pratt scored on a 99 yard runback. Strong was taking no chances.

* * * * *

All in all a pretty good night’s work.

Rutgers is significantly better than any team Louisville has faced so far. (Calm down, Cats fans. UK is a much better team now than it was when they lost to U of L.)

Next Friday: Central Florida.

– Seedy K

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  1. david
    Posted October 12, 2013 at 4:31 pm | Permalink

    The absolutely ridiculous 19 point spread will cause us with the so called experts but we beat a team one point away from the top 25 and were in control the whole way. We can play with any team in the country. Not saying we would beat em every time, but we’d win our share. The game also showed what a truly great receiver DeVante Parker is. He was really missed.

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