MMQB: My Man Miggey & Much More

reporter1I wanna party like it’s 1909.

Which, if my research is correct, is when the Pirates and Tigers last met in the World Series. Which, if my research is correct, was the only time Detroit and Pittsburgh met in the World Series.

Which, if my research is correct, means I don’t really want to party like it’s 1909, because my Tigers lost, in a 7 game series.

I want it anyway. If for revenge purposes only.

Baseball’s best player, otherwise known as Miguel Cabrera, despite injuries, some nagging, some of more concern, is doing his part. He leads the AL in hitting. By 27 points over Mike Trout. He leads the AL in RBIs. Which means, if Miggey can somehow catch Oriole Chris Davis in the tater department — he’s five behind after Sunday’s games — he can win the Triple Crown for the second year in a row.

Which, if my research is correct, is a feat never achieved in the history of MLB. His numbers are up there with all-timers with last names like Ruth and Foxx.

I’ll settle for Detroit winning the Series, which it lost in a sweep last season.

By the by, Cabrera hit a game winning homer against the surprising Royals on Saturday. Cleared the yard again yesterday for # four zero. Sigh, Chris Davis also went yard today.

Oh yeah, that Scherzer hurler, first name Max, won his 18th Sunday. Only other hurler to win 18 of first 19 since ’19 was Roger “Pump Me Up” Clemens.

Meanwhile, the Pirates have lost their last 2, while the chasing Cardinals won 2. Pittsburgh’s NL Central lead is down to a single wafer thin game. Let’s hope Mazeroski Magic prevails. Except, of course, in the Series if Detroit is the other team involved.

* * * * *

The EPL opened its season this weekend. That would be the English Premier League. Soccer.

I won’t bore you long. But I’m fascinated by a couple of things.

Kevin Phillips is the George Blanda of the EPL. He plays for Crystal Palace, which just made the jump up to upper echelon in that quaint format that allows teams to move up or down from majors to minors each season. Anyway, Phillips is 40 years old, only the third player ever to take the pitch at such an advanced age.

CP lost its opener to my Tottenham team, nil-1. The Hotspur were playing without star Gareth Bale, who is kind of the Dwight Howard of EuroSoccer. He wants to play for Real Madrid apparently.

Anyway, enough of that futbol stuff for today.

* * * * *

The Dodgers actually lost today. To the lowly Phillies no less. In the bottom of the 9th. Must be that new manager Sandberg.

Which leaves the Chavez Raviners with a diminished 42-9 record in their last 51.

* * * * *

BlueNationIf the rumors out of Lexington are true, Patrick Towles has fallen to 3d spot among the trio vying to be the starting QB for UK.

Given how his father was emulating Todd Marinovich’s last year, one wonders, if he carries a clipboard this season, where young Patrick might matriculate come December?

* * * * *

Christian Laettner was voted the Most Hated Player in the history of College Hoops.

Imagine my surprise.

My vote, to be honest, goes to Eric Devendorf.

* * * * *

Coming Soon: College Pigskin.

Two weeks to kickoff.

Full coverage of all that matters shall be found right here.

– Seedy K


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