Louisville Football: Season on the Brink

cardfootballThese are heady times indeed for U of L Cardinal football.

Coming off an amazing and unforseen Sugar Bowl victory over the Florida Gators.

A legitimate Hesiman Trophy candidate playing QB. (But, please oh please, don’t call him Teddy Ballgame. There was really only one of those.)

Highest preseason ranking . . . ever. Top 10.

The uptick is so pronounced, that ***** RB Michael Dyer, voted the offensive MOP of the BCS title game — as a true freshman, playing on the same team as that year’s Heisman winner — is apparently headed to town.

A lame duck regular season schedule in a dead duck league that screams 12 Ws and 0 Ls.

All of which is the proximate cause of talk of that collision course: National Championship.

All of which ├╝beroptimism gives me quivers down my backbone, shakes in the knee bones and shivers down my thigh bones.

If this gang of Cardinals proved anything last season, it’s this. It has trouble, serious trouble, dealing with success. Cruising along undefeated, U of L was battered in the Carrier Dome, then “rebounded” the next week with a triple OT L to UConn. At home.

It took Teddy B going all Superman in Piscataway for the chance to prove bait can beat Gator in New Orleans.

So, I’m going Donnie Downer on all this talk talk.

If ever there was a trap season for a team on the brink of the upper echelon, this U of L campaign is it. With an eminently loseable game against Frank Solich’s Ohio Bobcats in the opener. How many times have we looked at the Saturday scoreboard in September and marveled that another MAC school has upset a bigger named foe? A lot.

Even though UK is still mighty thin, you don’t think playing them in Lexington this year is going to be a totally different experience than last?

11So I’ve got a request, and a plea.

The request is that Cardinal fans ratchet back the championship chatter from 11 to a more realistic 6 or 7. Or lower. That they take it a game at a time. Savor the moment, not the expectation.

The plea is to Kirk Herbstreit. I implore you, Kirk, please opine this during every appearance in the preseason, and repeat it in full pontification mode every week: “Louisville has NO chance of playing for, or winning the BCS title. None. It will never happen.”

I’ll be much obliged.

– Seedy K




  1. cbcard
    Posted August 2, 2013 at 1:28 pm | Permalink

    Not even with Joe Montana

  2. Leo
    Posted August 2, 2013 at 7:09 pm | Permalink

    Good article. I have to agree 100%. Fan base is getting way ahead of themselves. I’d be very, very happy with 11 wins and another BCS bowl game. All this 12-0 and NC talk is pretty sanguine. Give me 10-1 going into the UC game. Win that one for another BCS trip and I’m a happy U of L fan!

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