Quentin Snider’s Movin’ On: It’s No Big Deal

dunkcardWhen I was in junior high school — such creatures are now known as middle school — I visited the Naval Academy in Annapolis as part of a school trip.

I was smitten. I thought it was the coolest place I’d ever been. Which, given my lack of travel experience to that point, it might have been. I came home and advised my parents that’s where I wanted to go to college. I didn’t even rescind that commitment after my father explained what an arduous regimen they imposed there.

As I meandered through my pubescence, that love with the nautical life abated.

As a senior in high school, full with all the maturity an 18 year old might possess, I made a decision to attend a really good private school in the old south. It turned out to be one that was totally the wrong choice, given my needs and personality. So I transferred away in the middle of my sophomore year.

Which brings the discussion to Quentin Snider, the hot shot PG from Ballard who has rescinded his commitment to matriculate and participate in the basketball program at the University of Louisville. Which pledge he made when he was, what, 14 years old or so?

I mean, really, what’s so surprising?

quentinFor whatever reasons, he’s not feeling that Belknap Campus kind of love. He is shying away from competition for PT. Whatever he saw another campus where a cutie winked back. Whatever.

So he’s looking around now to see what fits best?

All the more power to him. Hope it works out for him. I know it will work out for U of L. Long ago I stopped worrying about the ones that got away.

Word is that The Rick will not continue to pursue young Quentin. Which isn’t a surprise either.

Since the Sebastian Telfair debacle, when Pitino was jilted by that year’s edition of  The Next Point Guard, the U of L coach has sought out guys willing to pledge total fealty.

Which is to say, it’s a shame. We love those local stars. Especially when the kid will probably be a McD’s All-American, the presence of which is mandatory for NCAA champs. (Last year’s Cardinal titlists had three: Siva, Blackshear, Behanan.)

But it ain’t the end o’ the world.

– Seedy K


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  1. mark
    Posted August 1, 2013 at 2:20 pm | Permalink

    Richard Pitino (Minnesota) made Q the first scholly offer after he de-committed.

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