Emergency Warning Test: A Whistle from Defeat, Heat Force Game 7

nbaThe whistle never came, of course.

I assume the NBA provided emergency medical personnel for the refs last night. So they could perform the Heimlich Maneuver after the game on Joe Crawford, Ken Mauer and Mike Callahn, last night’s zebras, none of whom considered it an infraction when Manu Ginobili was the victim of felonious aggravated assault on his last drive to the hoop with time waning in OT.

Their whistles were certainly lodged in their esophageal region. Let’s hope they’ve been excavated.

So Miami held on, after a feisty comeback, forcing an intriguing Game 7 against San Antonio.

* * * * *

manuTruth is San Antonio had the game won.

Then lost it.

On the floor.

On the bench.

The game should never have come down to that last disturbing no-call.

Up four with :28 to play in regulation, Ginobili made only one of 2 FTs, increasing the Spur lead to 94-89, five up, not six.

Six seconds later, with Tim Duncan sitting on the bench, Mike Miller — Mike Miller?? — snared an offensive board off an LBJ missed trey, got the ball back to James who canned a second-chance triple.

Greg Popovich, you’ve got a Hall of Fame center. Shouldn’t he be in the game when, say, an NBA title is seconds away?? Just wondering?

Sooooooo, the SA lead was whittled down to a deuce.

With :19 to play, Kawhi Leonard also made only one of 2 FTs. Which left a three point Spurs lead, instead of four. Big difference, like, say, between winning a championship and having to battle for it in another game.

Which meant that Ray Allen’s second-chance triple form the corner tied the tilt.

In OT, the Spurs lead until the 1:43 mark, at which point LBJ put his team up by a wafer thin digit, 101-100. It was enough. SA didn’t tally again.

So the traditionally solid Spurs went a might tweedly at crunch time. Their coach made a couple of monumental miscalculations. Miami made several clutch plays, the kind that, if they continue, will bring them the crown when the clock strikes midnight Thursday.

* * * * *

 lebronA little dap for the kid here.

Who’s been saying for a good while now that LeBron needs to lose that stupid headband? That it was kryptonite.

Well, he did last night in fourth. At which point, James started leaping tall buildings in a single bound. And generally having his way on the hardwood.

Miami was down ten as the 4th quarter began. James layup cut it to 5. Then he slammed three dunks and tallied another driving layup. Then another. Then a couple of rebounds. Then that second chance threeball.

Sixteen points in the fourth. Several key rebounds. The general imposition of will such Men of Steel are capable of . . . when free of kryptonitic impediment.

His deuce in the OT was the game winner.

If he walks to the opening tip tomorrow night sans headband, San Antonio best be wary.

* * * * *

Yes, I was one of those, who was watching the game on Time Warner Cable.

When the emergency warning test squawk, white noise and dreaded black screen came on late in OT with Ray Allen at the FT line, there was nothing to do, really, but laugh at the absurdity of it all.

It’s a damn good thing it didn’t happen at a similar point in U of L’s games with Wichita State or Michigan. Which would have meant sayonara Samsung, I’ll clean the TV’s remnants off the ground outside my window in the morning.

I just kind of laughed last night, shrugged it off and waited for the game to return. What else was there to do? I’m sure the test was computer generated. Or, at least, I hope so.

It simply added to the wonderment of a scintillating professional basketball game.

* * * * *

If San Antonio wins Game 7, it will be one of the great rebounding jobs in NBA history.

It’s hard to fathom it turning out that way.

Especially if that James guy saunters onto the court with his receding hairline in full view.

– Seedy K




  1. fredf
    Posted June 19, 2013 at 3:09 pm | Permalink

    My observation is that in the second half of an elimination game for the NBA title, the officials decide that if you are going to try taking it through the paint, they will need to see blood before they blow the whistle. Ginobili is one of the games great thespians. Similar judgments were withheld by Joey and the Gang on drives down the middle by James, Parker and Wade. It evened out. It’s big boy ball now and the refs are not going to bail anyone out. As they shouldn’t.

  2. Seedy K
    Posted June 19, 2013 at 4:06 pm | Permalink

    Most all are thespians. You’re right, they declined to blow the whistles both ways. But, a foul is a foul whether in the first minute or last. Big boy game, it may be, but it’s a big boy game with rules. Those charged with enforcing those rules should be doing so.

  3. ken
    Posted June 19, 2013 at 5:08 pm | Permalink

    Random thought and trivial newly acquired bit of info. If an experienced bright and intelligent Duncan is on the floor at the end and he DOESN’T get the rebound is he astute enough to foul Bosh for a 2 shot not in the act of shooting foul before the pass gets to Ray’s hands? Also listening to the game while driving to S Florida on the Heat radio network I eventually realzed that to Heat aficionados, Mario Chalmers is “RIO”, not Mario. It took a while before I realized who this Rio guy was the announcers were talking about… “Who knew?”

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