Sunday Sports Shorts: Hoops, Pucks, Prodigal Sons & Daughters +

reporter1Just when I’ve gotten past my Hansbrough enmity — Thanks BirdMan Anderson — just when I’m ready to embrace a team with a Not Ready For Prime Time enfant terrible nicknamed “Born Ready,” just when I’m glorying in the reality that 2/3s of the Miami triumvirate are self destructing before my eyes, Roy Hibbert’s gotta trump a magnificent effort on the court with some really stupid comments.

Wasn’t he educated at that bastion of academia, Georgetown University? Shouldn’t those overpaid ballers, of which he is one, know better by now?

Flush with leading his Pacers to a 7th game showdown against the Heat, Hibbert, in his post game comments, used a homophobic slur. And, for good measure, called the gathered media, “motherfuckers.”


Which shouldn’t diminish his play on the court, including a great, and key block of an LBJ thunderblast to the hoop. But it does.

Oh well, forgiveness must be enforced here.

I hope Indiana prevails in what should be a most interesting Game 7, Monday night. Exactly how the Pacers have gotten this far, frankly, still baffles?

Yes. Good D. Yes, great play from Hibbert and Paul George.

But Lance Stephenson’s harum scarum scampers to the hoop seem so out of control, and thus ill-advised. (Though, given the physical specimen that he is, one has to wonder how good he might be if he ever learns to play quick but not fast?) David West finally hit a few jumpers last night, but how many bunny layups has he clanked off the rim in the series?

Plus Indy’s gotten very little off the bench.

I’m confused, I tell ya.

Anyway, Monday’s Game 7 should be fun.

Meanwhile, San Antonio rests, awaiting the winner.

* * * * *

You know who can really play basketball? I mean, really really really hoop it up?

LeBron James.

And I’ve figured out why I haven’t taken to him as I should as one who would think he appreciates genius on the court. (Other than that stupid press conference and the “take my talents” quote.)

It’s the headband.

There was only one baller, one baller ever, who knew how to sport such an accoutrement. Slick Watts.

Game by game, season by season, James has continued to assert himself justifiably in the “Greatest Ever” category.

His rise would be quicker were he to lose that white ring around the forehead.

* * * * *

Boston — that would be the Bruins — and Chitown’s Black Hawks won the Stanley Cup conference final openers.

Which I mention in the likely event that you weren’t paying attention.

* * * * *

Speaking of filling in your blind spot . . . Bayern Mucnchen is the first European futbol club to win its league, its nation’s cup and the Champions League all in the same year.

Sieg Heil.

* * * * *

Rick Bozich shared a great baseball anecdote last night.

Johan Santana recently hurled a complete game shut out.

During the post game interview with TV commentator Burt Blyleven, Santana, cocky in his accomplishment, asked the announcer if he’d ever done the same.

Former pitching ace Blyleven deadpanned, “Yes. Fifty times.”

* * * * *

He Who Would Be Tiger duffed his way for a 44 on the front nine yesterday at The Memorial.

His scorecard read 79 at the end of the day. He had a triple-bogey. Two doubles. And three bogeys. No penalty strokes. It was his worst round in competition since he turned pro.

And, I don’t know why, but schadenfreude reigns. For some reason, Woods’ travails bring a smile to my face.

* * * * *

So much for being there, for sitting courtside to get a feel for the action, so contemplation of championship events will be based on first hand experience.

I’m advised by a scribe who was in Atlanta to cover the NCAA hoops championship, that more than a few of the nation’s premier media took in the title game . . . watching on TV in the press room. Including the fabled Dick “Hoops” Weiss, and my favorite sports writer, Charles Pierce.

I know if I had a courtside seat, I’d a been in it.

* * * * *

I’m advised that Oklahoma State’s ex-patriot QB Wes Lunt will more than likely spurn U of L’s efforts to make him a Cardinal, in favor of Illinois.

* * * * *

Is there anything more fun in sports — outside of actual game action — than watching Charles, Ernie, Kenny, Shaq and whomever (Last night it was retiring Grant Hill, who couldn’t stop laughing on the set) during the pre-game, halftime and post-game?

Correct answer: No.

* * * * *

In a sick way, I’m thinking, I sure hope Ohio State president Gordon Gee was drunk, when he made all those condescending, idiotic statements about catholics, U of L, etc.

At least then, he’d have an excuse. He could go into rehab, and get a legit pass for his dunderheadedness.

If he was sober, the comments represent the highest form of arrogance.

Truth be told, I’m not sure how he and AD Gene Smith still have their jobs in the wake of recent Buckeye football scandals.

* * * * *

A number of folks have asked what I think will happen with Julie Hermann?

All I know is what I’ve read online.

I haven’t a clue.

– Seedy K



  1. Wildcat
    Posted June 2, 2013 at 12:48 pm | Permalink

    Gee is a Mormon….doubt he was drunk..that is, unless he is of the “Jack” variety.

    Of course he was spot on about the arrogant Irish….dead wrong about everything else.

  2. Marko
    Posted June 2, 2013 at 1:13 pm | Permalink

    …is our boy Brett still retired..???

  3. Seedy K
    Posted June 2, 2013 at 1:51 pm | Permalink

    Yes, Brett remains retired.

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